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You May Not Want To Hear This…

You’re probably going to be mad after reaching this, but....

Contrary to popular belief, and the messages I seem to see everywhere, God never promised his children would always be happy.

I knew this statement to be true, but it’s hitting home for Will and I right now.

In a sermon series called, “God Never Said That,” our pastor shared a message last week that tackled this topic, and I needed the reminder.

Please take 30 minutes and watch it, if anything just to watch him dance to “Happy.” Hilarious!

Anyway, I can grasp the fact that as Christians, life isn’t always going to be rosy. 

I mean, it’s not just the book of Job that uncovers this truth.

Just take a look through the New Testament to find countless references to overcoming, persecution, hardship, and suffering.

That doesn’t sound like Disney World all day, every day, does it?

God takes pleasure in us, delights in us, and wants to bless us. He also wants our entire hearts as we pursue Him in this earthly life.

We must not forget those things.

However, there are times when it may look differently than we expect it to.

Recently, happy and holiness have collided in my life.

I think the two can coexist nicely, and often uninterruptedly.

However, Will and I have recently reached this crossroads in our life where perhaps our personal happiness may mean something entirely different than what we initially thought.


There’s this super old hymn we used to sing in church that offers some interesting perspective.

The chorus says,

“Trust and obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy on Jesus, but to trust and obey.”

I’ve found myself humming this tune from time to time lately.

However, for me, happiness may not even be the right word. Perhaps joyfulness or contentment are more accurate.

If I’m truly going to press into Christ and pursue His desires for me and my family, I have to trust.

I have to obey.

I have to rest in Him and find peace and fulfillment in going after His desires.


Sometimes it’s hard to be eternally minded when we have out feet planted firmly on this earth.



It’s important for me to remember that in order to pursue the fullness of Christ, I need to be seeking Him first for holiness, not happiness.

Happiness isn’t bad.

It’s good.

In fact, the Bible says every good and perfect gift is from above.

It’s when I put my happiness and what I think is best for my life above God’s holiness and desires for me that things get skewed.

May we rest in Him and happily enjoy the blessings He gives us. Above all, may we pursue holiness and the desires of his heart.

I sure would appreciate prayers for Will and I, too. We are seeking the Lord and trusting Him in some upcoming decisions. That we obey and follow after Him and both have wisdom and peace. Thanks, dolls. ❤️

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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