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Yahweh Yireh: The Lord Will Provide

Things are a changin’ here in the B-Love household.

I realize I’ve been leading you on with all these changes for months now, but hang with me a little longer.

All these changes have come with a host of emotions.

Just two days ago, I had to talk myself off the ledge.

I had to tell myself, “No, the sky is not falling.”

That things were going to be ok, even though in the heat of the moment, I felt as though things may crumble all around me.

Do you do that, too?

Always a little worried the next big disaster is right around the corner, waiting to get you?

I try to be positive, but let’s face it, some days the glass is just half empty.

Yet somehow and someway, God patiently smooths my hair in place, kisses my forehead, and shows me He’s at work.

He’s at work, and I’m in His hands.

Even when I’m too crazy to see it, He is at work and he makes a way.


The Lord provides.

Oh friends, he does.

Our God provides a way when no way seems possible, He shows up and shows off His mighty power.

We see an encounter with God, our Yahweh-Yireh, in Genesis 22.

When no way seemed possible, when Abraham was prepared to sacrifice his own son in an act of obedience, God provided a lamb to sacrifice instead.

When there wasn’t any other way, God provided and did something only he could do.


There are so many lessons and sermons that stem from this encounter. Today I simply want to point out Abraham’s trust in God to provide, and the fact that He did.

Yahweh-Yireh was ever faithful, and he is just as faithful with us too.

I’ve started asking for God to illuminate to me how he is at work around me.

So often I have my head in the sand, trying to keep work, family, the house, and everything else together. I rarely stop to look up and see just how hugely God is at work in my life.

I desire to be more trusting like Abraham, instead of being worried, fearful, and apprehensive.

During whatever mountain we’re climbing, we must trust the Lord, Yahweh-Yireh, will provide.

God is for us. He works for the good in us, even when things seem bleak.

He makes a way when there seems
to be no way.

He provides.

As I take each day at a time amidst the minefield of emotions and changes before us, I pray the Lore strengthens my faith and deepens his trust.

I know he will because he gives us whatever we ask when it pleases him.

Yahweh Yireh provides these things in abundance, and shows me he’s at work.

I don’t know what you’re in need of today, but I pray Yahweh-Yireh makes a stream in the desert for you, and lights your path.

Ask Him, and trust Him to work in His way.


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