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The One With the Bachelorette Party & Look Ahead

Here we go again.

Is it really April tomorrow!?

Instead of lamenting about time passing, let’s talk about how I spent some of it this past weekend.

One of the perks of my new job is getting every other Friday off. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have this time.

I hit the gym after Will went to work, and then gave the house a much needed cleaning that took most of the day. By the time I finally got showered and cleaned up, Will was home!

Will decided we should have an impromptu date night, which was a nice surprise. Our Friday nights are usually spent eating dinner at home and catching up on shows and going to bed before 9:30.

We’re so exciting.

We grabbed dinner and then went to see God’s Not Dead. I was surprised just how good it was. I kind of feared it would be similar to some of the cheesy Christian movies I had grown up watching in church, but it was far from it. Definitely a good movie, so go check it out.

Saturday was spent working on Will’s “man cave.” We made progress, but have a way to go. We also managed to sneak in some relaxing too.

Deep talks

I spent Saturday night celebrating the upcoming nuptials of one of the couples in our life group! They’re tying the knot Friday, so the girls had a fun night out out enjoying dinner and an improv show.

Jess's batchelorette dinner

Improv club

We finished the night eating ice cream sundaes and chatting it up. I got home at midnight and turned into a pumpkin. smile

Yesterday was church, grocery shopping, food prep, working out, and blogging. Nothing picture worthy.

Now onto this week.

Meals last week were a little weird, so we ended up not cooking everything originally planned, so we are pretty much eating last week’s planned meals this week instead.

This week we’re eating:
-Beans and cornbread
-Beef and broccoli (tofu for me) over brown rice
-Stuffed baked sweet potatoes

As for workouts-

-Monday- Kickboxing
-Tuesday- Off
-Wednesday- Full body weights
-Friday- Chest, triceps, shoulders
Sat- Legs & cardio
Sunday- Back, biceps, shoulders, & cardio

Now posts! Here’s a look at upcoming posts:

-Softer skin now
-Arms Month begins!
-Things I’m Loving Thursday
-How to have a radiant face

Check in tomorrow, friends. Have a great day!

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