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Work it Out Wednesday: Workouts Lately

Let’s talk workouts.

At the beginning of football season I decided to set a few goals to keep me on track amidst the pizza, brownies, and chip bowls the size of a football field.

While I’m doing much of the same as before, I’ve stepped my cardio, from like 2 sessions a week (yeah yeah I know) to over double.

I thought it might be helpful to take a look at my current program as a checkin for my goals.

On days I work a full week, my workouts are not as desirable as those on my short week.

On full work weeks, I used to aim for three workout sessions during the week, with two on the weekends.

I would do cardio two out of the five workouts. The other three were strictly lifting sessions, occasionally with a cardio circuit component.

On my short weeks I would do the same thing, but would be able to devote some extra time and TLC to my Friday lifting session compared to the norm.

Now, however, I’ve made some changes to both my exercise and diet program (we will get to diet next week).

The start of football season gave me a good opportunity to take a good look at whether what I was doing was really working.

I started at my new company this past March, and while the every other Fridays off are wonderful and something I look forward to, the schedule for the rest of the week has definitely been an adjustment.

It’s hard enough to get up early for a workout, but having to go in even earlier makes it more challenging.

For that reason I decided to give myself a break. Instead of working out three mornings during my long week, I’m only doing two sessions.

I was getting worn out and tired. I needed more rest but was fighting it all to get in an extra workout.  After a recent recovery week, I finally gave in and opted for more rest.

Now it’s two sessions during the work week only.

These two sessions are high intensity workouts that combine cardio and weights.

I feel better and more rested. I’d love to sneak in another workout, but this is what I needed and the rest sure feels good.

On the weekends I have a full work week, I do upper and lower body days as well as longer cardio workouts.

So, four days total on those weeks. I also keep moving in the evenings, whether it’s a walk or couch potato exercises, so I like to think that is bonus work. smile

On the weeks when I’m off Friday, I workout five days a week.

My first two workouts are the same as the previous week (HIIT with weights). However, on the Fridays I’m off, I work my back, shoulders, and biceps. I’ve also added a cardio session at the end.

On Saturdays it’s all legs. I also add a slightly longer, slow-steady state cardio session.

Sundays I work chest, triceps, and shoulders. This workout doesn’t take very long, so I’ll do another longer cardio session that day, too.

My diet has been on point, which also helps regulate the reduced workouts on my long work week.

I feel like I’ve struck a good balance lately. As hard as it was to cut one workout on my long weeks, it was needed and I feel so much better.

Perhaps in the coming months I will make some changes and add it back in, but for now I’m pleased with my current routine.

So there you have it! That’s what I’ve been up to these days. What’s your current routine look like?

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