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Work it Out Wednesday: Will’s First Boot Camp


It’s been far too long.

It’s time to share another circuit.

One that can be done inside, outdoors, in your office, wherever the heck you want for that matter!

Just stop reading and GET TO IT! smile

The Workout
-15 Jumping Jacks
-15 Frog Jumps
-15 Jumping Jacks
-15 Belt Kicks
-15 Jumping Jacks
-5 Level One Drills
-15 Jumping Jacks
-15 Triceps Dips
-15 Jumping Jacks
-20 80s Ab Crunches (remember from here?)- 10 each side
-15 Jumping Jacks

Repeat 7 times

I used this workout for Will’s first boot camp.

He struggled.

And we did not repeat 7 times.

Because that’s just crazy talk.

For “normal” people I would suggest repeating 3-4 times after your first run through.

If you’re like me and a glutton for fitness punishment?

Repeat 7 times.

Good luck and give it a shot!

PS- If you do these workouts, is it easier for me to post like this or in a video? I have a few more up my sleeve and wanted to take a pulse.

A big reveal tomorrow!

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