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Work it Out Wednesday: Football Inspired Workout #3


Another round of football drill inspired workouts today.

Last week touched our tootsies. smile

The week before, we shuffled.

This week?

This week is all about those high knees.

High knees are a great, heart raising way to target your legs and lower abs.

And today we’re going to high knee the heck out of this workout.

Yes, I said it.

I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense.

I’ve found over the years, most people get lazy with high knees, just barely raising their legs above a normal jog.

That’s disgraceful- don’t do that.

We can do better than that, and we know it!

Look at these boys on the left side of the screen.

Like that.

So when you do this workout?

Don’t let me down.

Make me proud.

Get your knees way high up in line with your hip and work your butt and lower abs.

Go all out for each of these drills, take a break and go again.

This isn’t a cake walk, ladies, this is a workout.

-30 seconds High Knees
-30 seconds Pop Squats
-30 seconds Pushups
-30 seconds High Knees
-30 seconds Mountain Climbers
-30 seconds Triceps Dips
-30 seconds High Knees
-1 minute Plank
-1 minute Rest

Repeat 5 times.


More to come, lovelies!

A sweet treat tomorrow!

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