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Work it Out Wednesday: Cooking up a Flatter Tummy


Today we’re cooking up something wonderful in the kitchen!

Unlike most of the stuff I share on this blog, this recipe take a quite a bit of time and care-

But the end result is so worth it!

Today we’re whipping up a nice set of abdominals.

That’s right!

I know what you may be thinking- why is Brittny in the kitchen “whipping up” abs?

Well, let me tell you!

Nice abdominals are predominately made in the kitchen.

You can add in a heaping spoonful of cardio, and a cup of resistance training, and a good sploshing of rest and stress reduction (which are all SO important too, by the way), but the whole recipe for success comes together in the kitchen.

Obviously there are exceptions to rules (you know, the people that can eat a four donuts each day and still look amazing), and we’re not talking about those because, well, they’re exceptions!

Putting the exceptions aside, we simply can’t have a nice mid-section if we’re not feeding ourselves the right foods.

We can do 500 crunches a day, but it’s not going to do a whole lot if we’re washing that workout down with a huge coke or burger.

Sure, the muscles behind the fat might be there… but you have to swim through that fat to feel them.

We’re not talking about developing the abs by performing core strengthening exercises (we’ll talk about that soon!).

Today we’re talking about how to actually see all that hard work once you’ve got some muscle down there!

As mentioned above, the recipe for rocking a nice flattened stomach you’ve worked hard for has a variety of components like sleep, minimizing stress, and (duh!) working out. However seeing those abs depend on what you’re pounding down your throat.

And it better not be French fries and utter crap!

Each body is different. What works for me, may not work for P or Will.

However, there are a few fundamentals that will help create that an abtastic recipe for success!

-Minimize sugars

source: Lifeline Skin Care

We already know this, so let’s just do it already.

Besides, you really are sweet. smile <3

If we can’t keep it in the house responsibly, get it out of the house.

Get rid of the sugar!

It is not only linked to a ton of health problems, but is not going to get you the tummy you’re looking for.

Read labels, see what you’re putting in your body, and also look for hidden sugar names like corn sweetener, corn syrup, crystalline fructose, dextrose, evaporated cane juice, fructose, glucose, high-fructose corn syrup, lactose, maltose, malt syrup, or sucrose (um yeah, it’s hiding everywhere!).

Minimize sodium
This is another big one. Sodium can easily derail a nice midsection by causing belly bloat. Yuck. 

We could get all science-y about this, but um- I’m pretty we’ve all felt like we’re carrying around kangaroo pouch full of triples after consuming too much sodium.

So yeah, no need to elaborate.

-Minimize processed foods & junk food


I sound like a broken record.


So just freaking do it already.

Eat as much real, whole food as possible.

Processed foods often have hidden sodium and sugar which cause belly bloat. Not only that, but trans fats? We’ve talked about these before. They are bad news.

As for processed foods, I get into trouble with this when I eat fake meat. At the same time, though, these meat substitutes provide excellent protein. Um, not to mention freaking delicious.

Hello!? Gardein?

Obviously we have to live our lives, but cut it out as much as you can.


Drink water.

Dump that huge 44 oz Styrofoam behemoth of soda- be it diet OR regular- and fill it up with water.

Too boring for you?

Pretty it up with lemon wedges, fresh mint, berries, something, anything- just stop drinking crap!

I would say that also includes juices too. Fresh juice is definitely healthy in moderation (I love my green monsters each morning!), but stop buying junk with sugar in it and drinking a huge glass a day.

Water helps remove toxins from your body and purifies. We like that.

Water. Drink. Good. Yes.

And hey, while you’re at it, also fill up on water packed, high volume-low calorie veggies like celery or cucumbers!


-Watch carbs
This is an important one. Watch your carbs if you’re looking to lean out.

I am the QUEEN of carbs, especially since transitioning to a vegan lifestyle.

The nice thing is that I added them in slowly, and my body has adjusted to the percentage of carbs I eat daily. Albeit “healthy” and slow digesting carbs, they are still carbs.

And I love them.

However, if I’m looking to lean out a little, I slowly start eliminating some of those carbs from my diet.


What I just said above?

Is what I need to do now.

It’s hard for me though. I feel happier and like I operate at more of an optimum at a certain carb threshold (which is a high number smile), but at the same time I start looking soft, which I don’t like either.

Ugh… Such a quandary!

So, my plan is to reduce my carbs by 15 grams this week and up my protein by the same amount in hopes that will make a difference. If not? I will reduce a tiny bit more next week.

In the past I would have slashed carbs, but not anymore. I have really focused on being more intuitive to my needs and making small tweaks instead of ridiculous overhauls- which is also so much easier to attain in terms of a long term lifestyle.

So you know, instead of my usual morning banana, I’ll just stick with half, or better yet, substitute berries instead. In fact, that’s what I bought this week!

I will still have oats in the morning. I refuse to give them up for breakfast!


Instead of quinoa with my salad at lunch, I’ll just have a big, veggie packed salad with marinated tofu.


Our bodies need carbs.  However, also be mindful of how many grams of carbs you are eating in a day and consider slightly lowering the grams, or shifting around when you eat them.

Again, what works for me may not work for P, since I likely eat more carbs than she does right now, so I’m not going to say eat “x” amount of carbs each day. Um, plus I’m not a nutritionist. smile

Bring it all together

Those are some of the biggies when it comes to achieving a flatter tummy. As mentioned earlier, sleep, stress reduction, and exercise are all important too, but I would venture to say a “clean” diet is absolutely a must. 

Bottom line, if you want a flatter tummy, it starts in the kitchen.

So you know the carb part is what kills me, but what is tough for you? Any ideas how to improve?

Here’s to a healthy and blessed day! More to come!

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