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witness protection program

I’ve been caught redhanded in the worst of ways (basically), with my pants down!

I got quite a shock today when I checked my mail.

Let me first compare it to this:

I feel like I walked into Walmart on payday weekend, surrounded by a few thousand people, totally and fully and incredibly NAKED and didn’t even realize it. I casually walked up and down the frigid frozen food aisle with my cart making sure to open every glass door and just stand there staring for a few minutes. Then I strolled on over to the toy section and played a quick game of basketball with Will as I flopped everywhere. I even feel so “embarrassedly” caught that I probably asked for a test drive on one of the little tykes bikes. I then made my way over to the music and video area where I thought I would dance to the tunes they have over their stereo selection. It was only when I went to pay at the checkout that I realized I had no pockets- I was nude the whole time! The Horror! Had enough? I sure have.

That is pretty equivical to how I felt today. Let me explain.

I knew for a while there my mom had read my blog- a long while ago when I used her computer and she could just get on because I had cookies stored with the site so my own information would automatically just come up. Anyway, that stopped a long time ago and we haven’t talked about it sense. Well, today I opened my email from my dad and it was a letter he forwarded to my aunt- SENDING HER MY BLOG LINK because he and my mom had read it and wanted my aunt to read it too!


My heart stopped. Trying to breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Am I breathing? I had to remind myself. Lights are getting dim, I feel like I’m faint. Is this a terrible bad dream where the girl wakes up in her OWN house only to realize the last two months worth of posting in her blog (and the fact she was unemployed) was all just a neverending nightmare? I’m afraid not.  Were my parents really reading my blog!? How long? What did they know? Oh my gosh! know What did they know!!!??

I was in a frantic panic to reread the last couple of months I’ve been here to see just what exactly I’ve written about them… and after reading through all I’ve done is complain about my situation. I can’t believe they’ve been reading my blog please someone save me now!!!!

So, I pulled myself together (sort of) and thought I would post about it, afterall I feel like I’m living with Big Brother and he is watching me at all times, so I might as well write this publicly too.

I use this as a release. I am aware that people read it everyday and I’m okay with that, but I was totally embarrassed when I found out my parents were reading it- that’s a TOTALLY different demographic that must be dealt with seperately. I cannot get over the fact that THEY KNOW!

Mom and Dad- since I have been caught redhanded and I know that you are reading this post this very moment- you too are caught!! I love you all very much and think you are great parents, but if you rewound (the past of rewind… what is it? rewound… I don’t know… anyway) you life and placed yourself in my shoes you would probably be ready for you own place too. Nothing personal. Believe me! You are great, but I can’t help but thinking you are ready for us to go just as much as we are ready to go! It’s not a bad thing, it is just time. No family should have to be crammed in an apartment for as long as we have, so I totally can believe you feel the same way we do- you love us, but for cryin’ out loud- Get Outta Here! smile Thanks for being so supportive and not complaining about the situation and I’m sorry we have totally ramrodded your living space, and although I complain about it in my blog, I really am thankful for your generosity… I’m just ready to have my own apartment. Desparately ready! Can you understand where I’m coming from?

So, in light of recent incidents I will be entering the Witness Protection Program in hopes of securing my sainity and dignity after my parents have read my blog.

Can I please hide under a rock for a while?

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