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Wise Lessons From the Goofy Girl

I’ve learned a lot of very valuable lessons during my short stay on this Earth. For example- typewriters do not have spell check, you still look the exact same way even if you turn a mirror upside down, and you should never ever wear two different pairs of shoes to school (<- that last one is another story for another time).

As you can see, I've acquired a lot of wisdom throughout my years (ha). Today, my friends, I'd like to pass along a morsel of knowledge that I hope you embrace:

Be careful what you complain about. Your husband may end up being thoughtful.

Let me explain.

Two nights ago Will got home and went straight to the computer. I barely got a hello out of the guy. I quickly realized what was quickly approaching. The Fantasy Football Draft. I'll spare you the details. Rest assure I'll cover it many times in the near future. I've tried to be proactive throughout the years of our marriage, so I thought it would be fun if we did a league together. That means last year Will had three leagues- two of his own and one that was "ours."

Guys, I quickly realized how much I hated this "ours" business. Being a fantasy owner sucks. If you take it seriously like Will (ha- I don't have to tell you how fanatical he is with this stuff), you spend hours doing mach drafts, reading fantasy football magazines, and logging onto KFFL to see how your players are doing.

It's insane I tell you! It's like having another freaking job!

So, all last season I "played" fantasy football with Will. He would suggest something and I'd say, "Yeah! I've been researching that too, and I agree!" Of course he knew I was lying. Research football stuff for a fantasy football league? Pft. Please.

By the end of the season I was just a cheerleader telling him I hope he had a successful week. The days of being actively involved were long gone- and I was relieved.

So, let's get back to what happened 2 nights ago when Will came home.

Will was immersed in this mach draft. His eyes were glued to the screen, his fingers were flipping through his fantasy magazines, his entire focus was football. There was no amount of nakedness or fake news that was going to break his concentration.

That's when the pouting began.

"Why aren't we doing this together anymore? This used to be our thing, remember?”

We then got into a discussion about our old league and how it was good bonding time for us, etc. I didn’t think much of our talk after that night. In my mind I came to grips with the fact that fantasy football was Will’s thing, and while it was nice that I tried to be supportive and play along, it just didn’t work.

Until last night.

Will came home all cheery and proud. “I did something nice for you!” he said.

“You did!? What did you do?”

“I’ll have to show you. It’s on the computer! I was thinking about you today.”

My first thought was that he was going to surprise me and book one of these places during our Minneapolis trip. Of course, that would be the logical thing.

Rule #1- there is no such thing as logical when dealing with a football fan.

We get on the computer and he tells me to close my eyes. When he announces “open them!” I do and…


It’s our very own fantasy football league!

(cheers and applause...not)

He was so proud, and all I could say was, “Aw! Thanks, you shouldn’t have!”


He then went into how this used to be something we shared and after my comment the night before he wanted us to have one together again- one I would actually participate in.

So- to motivate me to actually research and try to do well do you know what he did?

He bought us a $250 league!

I was so annoyed. I won’t even tell you how much that means he’s spending on fantasy football this year. The thought makes me feel sick to my stomach.


WHY would he spend that much on a league when he knows I don’t care!? Why couldn’t we do a $50 league like his others, or heck- a free Yahoo one!

Uh- probably because I whined about it the night before.

He wanted to do something really sweet and shelling out $250 was nicer than saying, “Hey babe- I signed you up for a Yahoo League. You can use my screename and password to log yourself in!” Plus, he knew I wouldn’t bother. He’s a smartie. He’s locked me into fantasy football for a season now.

I’m sure that was his evil plan all along- Muuuahahahahahaha.

Rule #2- Fantasy Owners are not logical. Wait… I already said that…

So, I’m now the proud owner of OUObsessionIV (uh- no, I didn’t pick the name. You can thank Will for that one.).

You’d think I would have learned by now, but I just keep coming back for more.

So, the moral of the story is: It’s perfectly fine to tell your husband his hobby makes you want to kill over and die. It simply protects you from having to be apart of it.

Sigh, at least we’ll have lots of quality time together. It was really cute that he did it. I guess I should focus on that.

I’m off to enjoy the weekend. Let’s hope I have fun on this double date of ours!


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