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I know we just experienced a holiday devoted to pies, fowl, mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes encased in butter, brown sugar, and marshmallows, but I gotta talk about food today.

Despite the Thanksgiving hiatus, I’ve made some changes to my diet over the last couple months and am compelled to share.

Earlier this year, I switched from a completely vegan diet to one allowing for more vegetarian options.

And oh man did that open up a whole new world for me. smile

While I still prefer vegan, I’ve really enjoy the vegetarian protein options available.

Prior to this switch, my diet was always heavy on carbs.

Healthy carbs, but carbs.

And I was happy.

While I was happy, my winter pants weren’t.

I was also holding onto a lot of water weight.

I love carbs and acknowledged their importance in a balanced diet, but that was the problem.

My diet wasn’t balanced.

Heck, with the job change my whole routine felt out of whack and unbalanced.

Without living on pea protein, I really had a hard time naturally achieving a completely vegan higher protein diet without also upping my carbs.

I could do it, but the truth is, I also missed B-12.

And iron.

I don’t need to tell you again. I posted all about it here.

Anyway, making the switch felt so much better.

So that’s the background.

Based on that change, I’ve recently made the decision to alter my diet a little more to be more protein focused.

In fact, I’ve reduced my calorie intake by about 300 per day by adding back more protein to my diet. I’ve felt completely satiated and don’t even notice the deficit.

I don’t think I’ll share my macro breakdown today, but I will talk about my “HEC.”

Metabolic Effect, a site I personally have found to be a great resource, talks about how much our Hunger, Energy, and Cravings (HEC) play into hormones and how we eat.

It’s not a one size fits all, that’s for sure.

When I decided to lower my carbs and increase protein, it was really important to me that I kept my HEC in check (haha).

That meant an incredibly slow process of reducing carbs and adding protein.

I didn’t go on a crash diet of slashing all carbs and eating nothing but eggs and cheese.

No way.

I cut by only a handful of grams per day to see how I felt.

The good news was that I felt just fine. Satiated and satisfied.

I still eat plenty of carbs, but I have definitely seen such a difference in my clothes by increasing my protein.

I realize this increased protein concept seems like such a “duh” moment, especially for someone like me who has done lots of my own research on the subject.

Yes, I fully acknowledge the importance of protein. I always have.

Today’s post really is about sharing my decision to harness its power in my own ability to feel satisfied and shed some holiday fluff. smile (Remember my fall football fitness goals?)

Here are just a few examples of the swaps I’ve made.

The biggest change came with my daily green monster. I LOVE my daily green monster, and I love it super fruity.

Instead of my daily green monsters with a whole banana, I’ve ditched the fruit altogether or have added low glycemic berries instead.

I also opted for a fruity greens powder to help add the flavor without the sugar.

Hands down, that’s where I started saving the most carbs. Breakfast was second.

Instead of oatmeal for breakfast, I’ve swapped for eggs with three cups of steamed greens (or something similar).

Instead of lentils or quinoa for lunch, I’ve swapped for a salad with avocado and tofu.

I’ve swapped air popped corn for organic yogurt, or my rice cakes for organic greek yogurt. This switch has been the hugest bang for my buck. We all know how much protein greek yogurt offers, and that was one was switch that catapulted my protein intake.

I’ve enjoyed my beloved mangoes once or twice a month versus once or twice weekly (money saver too!)

I’m still occasionally adding in fish once or twice a week, which also sends my protein macros soaring.

I share all this, but must also note, when I say “soaring” I really mean soaring the levels into a more balanced state.

I was easily eating 45-50% of my calories in the form of carbs many days.

Between the new job and the more hectic schedule, I stopped focusing on balance. 

Fast forward eight months and I finally woke up and realized it was time to get ahold of myself.

It started with my Fall Football Fitness goals and progressed from there.

So yeah.


It’s a good thing.

My HEC is in check (couldn’t resist), and my winter pants are happy girls.

Thanks for tuning for this rather long ramble! Check in tomorrow!

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