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WIOW: Workout Things

As I prepare for warmer weather, I begin making small changes to my workouts.

Yesterday was devoted to March food things in preparation for spring & summer weather, so it seemed like today would be a good day to devote to my March workout things.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve been doing in the gym lately.

Preworkout food:

On days I workout at home, it depends.

Sometimes I’ll workout in a fasted state, but most days I’ll just take a bite or two of wheat bread, just to have a little something in my stomach.

On gym days, when I’m powering through a long and intense workout, I’ve been eating peanut butter toast. 

Workout Drinks

On days I workout at home, it’s water all the way.

The workouts are short and intense, but I’m not doing lots of lifting for long periods to necessitate the need for BCCAs. Plus, I never take any breaks during those workouts to get a drink most of the time anyway!
On heavy lifting & gym days, when I spend longer at the gym, I drink Scivation Xtend in green apple.

Really, while Xtend would be beneficial for both workout environments, it really comes down to me being cheap frugal. There I said it. ha!

Workout wears

We recently went over the whole workout pant debate, but hey, I’m still throwing it in today, too.

I have several different workout pants, but my favorite are a super comfy and broken in Champion capri.

I also don my beloved uniform on top- a variety of colorful bra tops with cut off t-shirts on top for a extra modesty.

Workout Tunes and Such

I’ve been listening to a variety of things during my workouts lately.

Spotify is my app of choice for workouts in the weight room.

I’ve got my favorite Christian rappers keeping me uplifted and focused, with a sprinkling of Christian rock, too.

Cardio is a different story. If I’m doing a long stint, I’ll do lots of different things.

If I’m doing steady state cardio, sometimes I’ll watch Kandee Johnson’s videos on YouTube to pass the time. Other times I’ll listen to a variety of sermons on podcasts.

If I’m looking to hit it hard, I’ll stick on Mr. Sam’s Opus and incorporate weights to the rhythm of the music during my elliptical workout.

Post-Workout Fuel

My post workout food is, and always will be, a green monster with protein powder.

These vary, but lately it’s been spinach, herbs from the Aerogarden, chia, coconut oil, protein powder, greens powder, 1/4 avocado, 1/3 frozen banana, almond milk, a little water, and ice.

There you have it. My recent workout things these days.

Thanks for stopping by, and check in tomorrow for Ipsy fun!

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