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WIOW: Will’s Lower Body Workout

Last week I shared Will’s current upper body program. Today I’m sharing his lower body workout!

This is what he’ll be doing for the next couple months.

When crafting his workouts, Will was very specific- no squats (he hurt his back badly from doing them when he was younger and has to watch it ever since), and heavy on machines. He also gave me a few things he wanted incorporated.

Whenever I craft workouts for friends (completely with their understanding I’m not a “certified” trainer, mind you), I like to stretch them a little past their comfort zone.

However, with Will, the goal is to just get him inside the doors of a gym.

You want to do the leg press machine and nothing else? Fine by me, dear. I just want you here!

So yeah, the workout lacks some creativity, but it’s basic and works (and Will was gassed by the end).

Plus it’s short.

Just like the upper workout, this one focuses on multiple sets performed back to back without stopping. Once you complete a set, rest for 30 seconds to a minute and repeat two more times. Then move onto the next set.

Just like last week, Will did 3 sets of 10 reps.

Make this a workout! Push yourself a little. Even though this is an easy-ish workout in terms of complexity, it can be easily modified and made more difficult but adjusting resistance and

Here we go!

Set one
Sled machine (leg press)
Calve raises on sled machine
Ball crunches

Set two
Leg extension machine
Standing calve raises (one set regular, one set toes pointed inward, one set toes pointed outward)
Russian twists

Set three
Hamstring curl machine
Seated calve raise machine
Ball crunches

Set Four
Russian twists
Standing calve raises

Done and done!

Check in next week for another workout!

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