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WIOW: Life with the Fitbit


The Fitbit.

Let’s discuss.

It’s mildly depressing, ya’ll!

The good news is that it has also given me the ability to turn my frown upside down.

I’ll explain.

I sit behind a desk all day.

I didn’t need a device on my arm to tell me I don’t walk much during the work week.

I already know.


The Fitbit has been a great tool to show me exactly how little I walk during the work week.

Thinking I know how little I walk and actually being able to see it on an app are two different things.

Thinking I don’t walk much doesn’t really put me to action.

Knowing I don’t walk much does.

The first day I kept waiting and waiting to meet my goal, knowing it was more than lofty on a non workout day.


I was able to see what I do on a typical day and assess what I could do to change.

Thankfully, having the app helps me see how close or far I am from my goal.

I am most competitive against myself, so there was no way I would miss hitting my goal.

That means intentionality.

Isn’t that how we should be living life anyway?

Here’s my plan to conquer my daily step goal, currently out of reach without one (a plan, that is!).

1. Park farther away.

No brainer here. I already do this, but now I’m going farther.

2. Take long ways

If I have to print, I print to the printer farthest away.

If I need some tea, I take an extra couple hallways to get to the break room.

If I have a meeting, I take a longer route if I’m able.

I’m not wracking up huge steps here, but I’m definitely doing more than usual.

3. Take the stairs.

Another no brainer. I now take my bathroom breaks upstairs. I’m pretty sure they think I’m the new girl. Ha!

4. Go the extra mile.

Or at least the extra 100 yards.

A group we sometimes work with sits elsewhere. So whenever I need to drop something off, I got extra steps.

Lately I’ve been volunteering to make runs to pick stuff up to get some extra walking logged.

5. Take a break for Pete’s sake!

Sometimes I get so bogged down with work I forget it’s healthy to take a couple minutes throughout the day to take a breather.

I’m bad about walking away from work, even for a couple minutes, but I need to realize- it’s okay.

Taking a few minutes to myself to do a quick lap and clear my mind would do some good!

6. If all else fails, walk in place.

Real life.

Sometimes I’m busy and I just don’t meet my goal during the work day.

That means, I have to get creative.

Lately it’s been nice enough to do a couple laps around the neighborhood. However, once last week and once this week I had to get creative to meet my goal, ya’ll.

That meant a little walking in place action.

I’m sure Will thought I was a complete weirdo.

Hey, I made my goal, even if I had to do a little Jane Fonda walk it out at home action.

So yeah, life with the Fitbit. It’s definitely helping me move more!

Check in tomorrow!

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