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WIOW: Gym Friendly Circuit

Just about every workout I share these days is at-home friendly and only uses body weight.

I love those.

But sometimes, I like doing similar circuits at the gym with weights.

On the Fridays I have to work, I only have two days to hit the gym (the rest of my workouts are at home).

That makes it hard to keep my usual weightlifting split, so on those weekends I typically do a lower body day and an upper body day.

I occasionally will do a full body blitz, which is what I’m sharing today.

Print this picture out and take it to the gym with you. I always find I can somewhat memorize what’s coming next by using some of my time on the treadmill to look it over.


Get some weights in your hands and let’s move.

WIOW gym


Definitely hold some weights for the lunges and step ups. Also, I find using a weight plate makes for a smooth transition on the bicep curls into shoulder presses.

When all is said and done you will have done at least 20 minutes of cardio and worked through an entire resistance program in between. Winning!

Check in for an Ipsy review tomorrow!

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