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WIOW: Bash the Crash Workout

If you have kids, please tell me you got to capitalize on their Halloween candy loot?

Reece’s, Hershey’s, Starbursts…


Leftover candy is the worst best thing ever.

Or best worst thing ever?

I can’t decide.

Thankfully I didn’t buy any candy this year, so I have no remnants lingering. However, I did enjoy leftovers Will’s grandparents had.
More treats for the way home.

Why are those flavored tootsie rolls so darn good!?

Anyway, if you’re in a bit of a sugar coma, it’s time to bash the crash.

Today’s workout is all about a full body at home friendly workout to help burn off those peanut m&ms and Swedish fish.

I’m all about simplicity with at home workouts, so lots of the same when it comes to reps and moves- or else I’ll forget! Who wants to waste time looking at a paper full of exercises when you don’t have much time to begin with?

After warming up and stretching, perform this circuit 3-4 times and give it your candy craving all. 😊

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