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WIOW: A Workout When You’re Weak in the Knees

Happy Wednesday sweets!

Halfway there, so let’s finish the week strong.

On Monday, I mentioned having a sore knee. Not really painful, rather a small annoyance.

I wanted to treat it gingerly during last week’s leg workout, but I also didn’t want an easy snooze fest.

This workout was an excellent compromise. It involved zero heavy lifting or compound movements that would aggravate my knee. Instead, it involved lighter weight, higher rep, tempo mapping.

Before we go any further- I am not a doctor nor do I play one on the Internet.

If you’re in pain or something feels “off” definitely see a doctor. Don’t push through workouts when you’re injured. That’s the worse thing you can do!

Okay. Had to make sure I said that. Let’s carry on. smile

I dropped the weight super low and focused on time under tension instead of loading up the rack and doing something stupid to hurt myself!

I did three rounds of each exercise, adding abs and calves in between each set.


One Legged Leg Extensions
Here, I like to use the leg extension machine and instead of working both legs at the same time, I drop the weight and do one leg at a time.

You’d be surprised just how much harder it is doing one at a time if your legs aren’t used to it!

One Legged Leg Curl
Same thing here. Instead of using this machine with both legs at the same time, drop the weight and give each leg their own TLC.

Glute Bridges
This one is pretty much a staple in my routine. I used a moderate weight here and tempo mapping to really feel the burn.

Light Weight Leg Press
I love the leg press machine. I love loading it up super heavy and seeing how many reps I can push out.

Unfortunately, that was not a smart option last week! Instead, I dropped the weight extremely low and used high reps and tempo mapping to really feel the muscle contract while still lightening the load on my knee.

Cable Kickback
This is another great way to target the glutes and hamstrings, as well as core strength since you’re doing one leg at a time.

I usually like to load up the weight here, but just as the other exercises I concentrated on lighter weights, much slower movements, and really focused on getting a good squeeze of the muscle with each rep.


I was still able to reach muscle exhaustion on each of these exercises, I just had to adjust my reps, tempo, and really focus on my muscle contractions to get there.

Of course I would have preferred to do my usual thing, but sometimes I believe it’s better to play it safe and not aggregate something that’s slightly off. 

I was able to get an effective and challenging workout by a few modifications, and hopefully you will be too!

Check in tomorrow for an ipsy review!

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