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Will’s Upper Body Workout

Guess what!?

My sweet husband made the decision to start working out!

If you’ve read a long time, you know this is huge.

I’m trying not to act too excited around him, in fear I just might scare him off.

Instead, I’ll let out a big scream of glee here on the blog where he can’t see.


Ok, moving on!

Will is a natural athlete, and it kills me. He can go ages without physical exertion and pick up like he never even stopped. Last year’s softball season is a perfect example.

He asked me to put together an upper-lower body split and I was thrilled to oblige.

I’m put together a basic upper body workout that hits all the major groups without going overboard.

Will specifically asked for 3 sets of 10 of whatever exercises he did, so I configured three giant sets done back to back without stopping. After one set, he rests and repeats two more times before moving onto the next giant set.

I wanted to share his upper body program this week (and lower next!) because I believe it’s a great program for people that want to do more in the weight room without it occupying your entire life.

This workout can be done in about 35 minutes and will punish your muscles in the best way possible. smile

You’re doing 3 giant sets. Each giant set consists of the exercises you repeat three times.

Confused yet? smile

Each rep consists of sets 10 reps each, so make them count. The last two reps should be hard, but should be in good form.


Let’s get to work!

Set One
Lat pull down
Bench press (set one: regular incline, set two: decline, set three: incline)
Biceps curls

Set Two
Row machine
Bench flies (set one: regular incline, set two: decline, set three: incline)
Shoulder flies

Set Three
Close grip lat pull down
Bench press OR fly machine
Triceps push down

Yay for hitting all the major muscles without going too crazy and spending a year in the gym.

And most of all yay for my Will working out!!

Check in next week for his lower body workout! 

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