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What I Get For Marrying a Fanatic

Will- I love OU football so much.

B-Love- I know sweetie.

Will- No, I really don’t think you realize how much I love it. I can’t imagine it not being in my life. I love it that much.

B-Love- I know sweetie.

Will- No- I really love OU football.

B-Love- (a little annoyed) What are you trying to say, Will?

Will- I’m just trying to convey to you how much I love OU football.

B-Love- You don’t have to convey anything. I already know.

Will- Do you?

B-Love- I do.

Will- Oh.

(quiet pause)

How much do I love it?

B-Love- (irritated) If you had to choose between never having sex again or never having anything to do with OU football- I’m pretty sure I know what you’d pick.

(long pause)

Will- But… you’d never make me choose, right?

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