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Week at a Glance

Well hello friends! It’s Sunday!

I was supposed to share a post about cleaning my house at some point this week.

Yeah… about that… how about we move that to next week?

Why do I overcommit my poor blog, right? I find leaving my weekends open to post about anything/nothing is one of the things that keeps me posting without it becoming a whole chore.

I know very few people who like chores.

So let’s not make this a chore.


Instead we will post about a spotless house next week.

Because face it, the dust can wait a few more days, right?

So here’s a look at the lineup this week-

The B-Love Menu
A healthy pancake recipe!
An at-home workout
Making housekeeping a little easier
And hopefully more!

I’m taking off Friday and me and P are going to spend the whole day together- AND it’s her birthday weekend and we have a fun night planned. So hopefully I will post about some of that too.

But that’s all I am going to commit to for now. smile

I hope you are having a good weekend!

Mine has been pretty productive. I tend to leave a lot of stuff until Sunday, but made a concerted effort to get more done on Saturday so I could actually rest a little on Sunday. It was a good plan, and will be a good way to end the weekend.

Here’s to a good rest of the day to both of us!

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