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we no longer have a house payment- so why am I so sad!?

Theres something about that “first house” when you just get married. For most of us, theres nothing really overly special or extravagant about it on the outside, but there is something so unique about coming home that night from your honeymoon to the first house you two will live in together.

I remember coming home from our honeymoon late at night, thinking of all of the unpacking I would have to do the next day, but when we walked in, our parents had surprised us and set up a lot of our house already. That was really special, and a big relief since I had school that Monday. smile

I never realized how much I really loved our little condo until the night we were about to move.

Will and I were sleeping on the floor because or mattress was already in storage and the air compressor his mom gave us for the inflatable one didn’t have a nozzle to air it up. We were exhausted from our very long day of packing, trashing, or storing our belongings. I am almost positive Will was just about to head off to sleep when I started to tear up, realizing this was the last time we would ever sleep in this house. I started crying thinking about all of the great times we had had there. So, I inturrupted Will from his sleep so he could listen to me cry and be all sentimental about our little house (lucky him).

I thought about our pre-health insurance meals- when we were able to eat really well because we hadn’t gotten my out of this world expensive health insurance yet (where all of our grocery money seemed to go). smile

I thought about lazy evenings in our living room, when I would sit in Will’s lap on the recliner and we would talk about our days and watch TV.

I thought about our air conditioner breaking down and how we had to use the last of our wedding gift money to pay for it.

I remember how that summer we got the “sacred” letter in the mail telling us we got OU season tickets. Will was so happy that day.

I remember my first Easter there with my sweet basket surprise, and my first Christmas there with my Christmas tree surprise. 

I remembered last summer and how Will decided to start landscaping our yard (his dad is a landscape contractor, so its in his blood- or so I thought). He and his friend Billy made this gorgeous rock bed on the right side of our condo. Will had “good intentions” of rocking the other side that next month, but It somehow didn’t get done until I don’t even remember- sometime that late fall maybe. So then we had this beautiful rock bed full of nothing but weeds. About a month and a half ago, Will decided to finally finish the beds. He and his dad put cedar wood chips in it and filled it with pretty green plants. I loved coming home to it. The sad thing was that it wasn’t even 100% done until literally the week we were moving, so I never even was able to fully enjoy the entire front of our little condo.

Anyway, I cried about a lot of things. I mean, it was the first house we had ever lived in. We filled it with a lot of memories. <3

Well, today we found out our little house will be getting new owners on July 6. I am happy that we no longer have the financial burden of paying for a house we aren’t living in, but (this is probably crazy) I am a little sad because someone else will be living there now. I mean, I always knew we weren’t going to live there very long, and its not like we were the first people to live there… I guess its because it was the first house we had together as a team- our own place where we could have our own rules and could do what we wanted (a luxury I am desperatley missing since we have been living with my parents).

Anyway, that is what is on my mind this afternoon. I am sooo glad that “Friday” has arrived. I’m not sure what we have planned for the weekend, but I know it will be nice to finally get some time with Will. For everyone else, have a good hump day.

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