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Hello again my friends!

I’m typing from Colorado today!

I have a million things to write about, and so I’ve decided to cram about 7 days worth of postss into one huge one divided into several installments, that way you can read one installment a day instead of skimming the entire thing and trashing me in my feedback column saying how I ALWAYS write too much (I usually do, by the way).

Installment One: Acme Comedy

It was pretty fun! Like most comics, they liked totalk about deragatory female parts and throw the F Bomb around, byt that aside it was fun- though I’m sure if you asked Will he wouldn’t say the same. Rich Voss was the headliner. I’ve heard his name before and apparently he’s a big act. His wife is also a comedian so she did a set too. All in all it was a pretty fun evening.

Will was so cute. He was so convinced he was going to get called out by one of them (he swore if that happened he’d never talk to me again, but don’t worry, we’re cool now though), so he tried his best to feign interest and give big appreciate laughs- you know, to stay under the radar (ha!)

Here are a few pics from our Minneapolis stay: (note I’m having trouble posting the pics, so to see them bigger click on the thumbnail)

Acme Comedy Club

Will and our “mean“ looking Magnum rental

Installment Two: Dallas Pre-Game

I thought it best to divide the Bid D Trip into installments for reasons we’ll get to later (ie: the fun part, and the not so fun part). We flew into Dallas Thursday evening and were greeted by Will’s parents. They were a little excited to see us (ha).I think I realized it when I saw Jenny holding a huge 2 foot by 3 foot poster annoucing our arrival.

Friday we ate breakfast at a very questionable Grandys and spent the day at the fair! It was a fun day. I also have to mention the sexiest things ever: fried oreos and fried snickers. Holy Crap. I seriously thought I was going to have a Meg Ryan When Harry Met Sally moment.

Installement Three: Game Day

We had awesome seats, awesome company, and an awesome experience at our first OU-Texas game… except for the loss. That sucked. Majorly. Here are some pics from our Dallas Trip: Before the game-

Will and I at the STate Fair

The cotton Bowl!

Before the game.

Hook ‘Em Horns… NOT!!!

After thegame pics:

oh, that’s right! No freaking victory pictures due to our SUCKY PLAY.

In all seriousness, we had a great time. You just gotta remember thatcha win some and lose some.

Installement Four: A Touching Mother-Daughter Moment (that wasn’t)

I had the strangest conversation with my MIL Jenny while in Dallas. I’ve told you about her many times before, so I won’t again. You may remember THIS post I posted last year while I was home, regarding freaking asking Will if he thought his brother’s new girlfriend was cuter than me (Can you believe I asked that!?! What an idiot.). Anyway, I can’t be sure if that whole thing spawned this coversation (because Jenny had heard me say it… EVERYONE heard me say it) or not, but I have to think it did.

We’re in the back seat as Will and his dad are navigating their way around Dallas. Although they’re 2 feet in front of me, I might has well been on my own island. I was on my own in that backseat with no one to help me.

So we’re cruising through Dallas and my MIL brings up this Beth Moore study her women’s group is doing on the book of Daniel. She says how great it is and I say I’m sure it is, blah blah blah… and then all of a sudden she brings up this random part of the study. If you’ve ever read Daniel you know about him in the lion’s den, the firey furnance story, and how it’s full of a ton of prophecies. If I ever had to sum up Daniel that is how I would do it.

Weeellll… bypassing all that stuff, my MIL starts in on how King Neb (for short because I can’t spell Nebucudnezzar haha) was obsessed with the rich and attractive and things of this world. (do yousee where this is going). She then says,

“And if we’re not careful, we can easily get that way too. We can get caught up in the things of this world and trying to out do others and look attractive and wear too much makeup- not that there is anything wrong with wearing makeup, but we should just try to take care of our temples the right way.”

So, I’m sitting on Mount Isolation with Jenny. No one is around to hear me scream, and for some weird reason I’m getting the impression that I’m viewed as a psycho Mary Kay consultant that applies her foundation with a butter knife. So… all I do is agree (what else am I going to do!? She didn’t come right out and say, “Brittny! You wear too much makeup and are such a snob for asking Will about Brian’s girlfriend last Christmas!"- though maybe she did and I just didn’t hear it). I agree and say how it is easy to get caught up in things of this world and how I’m so freaking glad I’ve learned that lesson and how I wish those darned cake faces would (ha ha, I didn’t really say that). I think she wanted to explore the conversation more (ha- I KNOW she wanted to explore the conversation more), but that was that. I then did a 180 and started talking about processed meat. That’s always a conversation killer, right?

So- that was Dallas.

Installment Five: The Splint

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know I wear a big dorky splint to sleep at night. It helps my TMJ and boy is it sexy. Will is used to me wearing it and the Radio jokes (the guy from the movie- he’s horrible) have started to dwindle- in fact, I’m still wearing it right now! Anyway, the night we get back to Oklahoma I’m getting ready for bed. I go to put my splint in and it’s gone! No where to be found. I then back tracked and realized that I had probably left it at the hotel in Dallas.

Ugh… this story is sounding really bad. All I need is a pussy zit face, to be 10 years younger, have a slur, and to have lost my retainer on spaghetti night.

I know Will is going to be mad at me because the stupid thing cost us $500 (and 2 years worth of stupid jokes). I start out with the, “Will- you know I love you (ha ha, that’s what they always say on the Maury show before they tell their 3rd husband they’ve slept with his brother. I thought I’d give it a try here)...” and then I stop and start crying (because they do that on there too). Will then asks what is wrong, and I then proceed to tell him my junior highish tale of the lost splint and how I have really been trying to be a responsible adult (ha) and how not I’ve let him down. Will was amazingly cool about the whole thing. He wiped my tears and told me it was okay and that I could get a new one while we were in town (how sweet! ha ha).

So that’s how I spent my Monday, getting this huge nasty mold shoved in my mouth so I could get a new splint.

Want to know the worst part of all?

I found it yesterday morning as we were packing for Colorado.

Leave it to me.

Installment Six: Other Notable Mentionings About My Trip

I’ve already plugged up the freaking L Family Toliet.


Can you believe that!? Seriously, did I eat a child for breakfast or something!? Gosh, it’s getting a little embarrassing. I could tell you the whole story, but if you’ve read THIS post, it’s a lot of the same.

I’m so ashamed.

Will totally ate a whole package of mini donuts in front of me on our trip to Colorado yesterday. I sat there staring at him as he ate each one, donut but donut failing to offer me one… such a male, right!?

I’ve eaten my weight in food both yesterday and today. I swear, all I do when I’m at my grandparent’s house is eat.

My aunt Margie told me I was fat today. Okay, not in so many words but she said, “It looks like marriage is agreeing with you!” What the crap does that mean!?! I mean really! She might as well offer me a stalk of celery to feed off of for the whole freaking day. Thanks Marg! Will says I’m crazy.


I have SOO much freaking more I want to tell you! I feel so sad and I really miss “talking” to you guys. I feel like a terrible friend. Once I get back from CO things will calm down and I will have more computer time to post AND read my freaking favorite blogs, so don’t forget about me. I promise I haven’t forgotten about you!

I have so much more I wish I could tell you guys, but I need to get going and spend time with my family.

As always, more to come…

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