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Under The Knife

So its been a long time since I’ve posted. I have a lot of venting and catching up to do. I think I’ll divide everything into a few different posts because they will all be long! smile

The big surgery day. Ahh, I wish I never would have done it (But we’ll get to that later)! Will and I got there at 8:00 and my mom met us there. I went in the back and got to change into a WAY SEXY outfit.  A huge hospital gown, blue footie sock things, and the best of all- a blue hair cap thing like the surgeons wear. So that was glamorous. After I changed I sat in this warm recliner with a heated blanket, which was nice but it wasn’t relaxing as I’m sure is their intent of having them there.  Then came the IV. I have never had one before- they suck. I’m pretty wimpy, but I really hated watching the plasting thing get pushed up my vein. I sat in the recliner a little longer and then it was time to go. I said goodbye to my mom and Will and made my way over to the table. It was a TINY table! I was thinking it was made for like a kid or something! I felt something cold go into my hand and they told me it was the anesthesia. Then the last thing I remember was telling the nurse that the ceiling was moving and she said something like, “Yeah, we can’t ever get it to stay in the same place.” Then I was out. I woke up and was wheeled out to the car and got to my mom’s and slept. Thankfully my feet were numb for most of that day, so I could carefully walk to the bathroom and everything- but boy was I in for a crappy next day!  So that was my big day- more to come on how much I hate this!

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