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Tuesday Things, 18 Nov 14

We went to Sam’s last week and they were out of everything.

Instead of melting into a puddle of disappointment, I decided to make lemonade.

Meet my vitamins for the next 200 days.

Men's 50+ vitamins. That's how we roll.

Yep. Real life.

Will and I usually split a big bottle of adult vitamins, which they did not have.

It was either Centrum Silver, or these men’s 50 plus gems.

We checked the price, and geriatric men’s pills it was.

Real life.

If my voice starts deepening, I start eating only a third of my plate and getting full, or you catch me falling asleep in a rocking chair with a crossword puzzle across my lap, yeah, you know why.

Things that have been putting me in a food coma these days.

Oh man. Thanksgiving and Christmas food.

I’m still on track and eating smart, but that doesn’t mean I’m not eating well!

I pretty much want to live inside my favorite mashed sweet potatoes. 

In fact, I’ve decided I’m definitely making these for Thanksgiving next week. I might even share with others too.

I decided if it snows, regardless of the amount, we should get to stay home.

Yes, I realize it sounds ridiculous to some of you who know what it’s like to live in places with real snowfall.

You probably wear shorts when it’s 30 and think snow tires are for sissies.

I get it.

But think about all we could get accomplished if we stayed home?! I would have the

Since we’re talking about cold weather, it’s officially fluffy sock season.

Fuzzy sock season

Don’t overthink it.

Sure they’re ugly, but they’re worth it. Embrace the fluffiness.

I totally get and respect Movember and the whole no shaving thing, but...

I think some guys should be prohibited in outwardly participating.

Guys, I’ve seen some super bad attempts at growing facial hair. Some are patchy, some look like children with glued on beards, and other guys look straight up creepy. I realize I’m asking a lot, but seriously…

I think my lips are evolving into sheets of sandpaper.

With the array of helpful products on the market these days, there’s no reason to have chapped lips.

But this weather is kicking my butt and now that I’m old I can’t keep up!

I’m exfoliating every day, which helps tons.

Since we’re talking sandpaper, my skin and hair are crazy dry too.

I feel like a big, fat, flat, dry sponge. I need to get serious about my winter hydration program and fast!

Your wildest dreams can come true.

I’ve become a bit of a peanut butter snob over the years, and often gag at the thought of eating “fake” peanut butter.

(Although, I need to come clean and be completely honest. I definitely have moments when only fake, plastic-y peanut butter will do.)

Will, on the other hand, eats nothing but fake peanut butter.

Check out this monster.

We are going to need a bigger spoon

It’s ten pounds of plastic-y peanut butter heaven.

We need a bigger spoon. 

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