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Tuesday Things

Heyyyy, how about we do a Tuesday and Thursday things this week?

Only, we’ll make this one a little less structured.

You know, since Thursday is completely organized and full of useful knowledge.

Let’s talk about the ridiculous amount of movies Will and I have been watching in the man cave these days.

Finished product. Watching games will never feel the same again.

I find I often don’t have the attention span for movies, especially multiple ones each week.


He does. He totally does.

Even during the work week.

I just can’t.

I don’t know why, but a movie during the work week feels a little like entertainment suffocation.

Not only that, but the man cave feels a bit like a furnace.

You get the playstation going, the cable box, and then the big TV all generating heat and hot air (even more than me. Ha!) Yikes.

Then the pups. They love to snuggle on these chairs.

The dogs love the theatre chairs as much as we do

It’s easily a thousand degrees.

Couple that with the aforementioned entertainment suffocation, and a random Tuesday night can quickly turn into a scratchy wool sweater.

Thankfully Will is very accommodating, always being sure we end our nights with a 30 minute comedy or two to change things up.

When all else fails, though? Not only are his chairs great for comfortably watching movies. They’re even better for naps!

You know by now we’re old and boring, so why not take it step further and be cozy while boring, yes?

So yeah. That’s life at the B-Love house these days. If you’re free this week we’ll be having a showing of The Empire Strikes Back followed by some sports inspired motivational feel good feature film. Come on by. Popcorn not included. 

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