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trust(in the midst of a storm)

The OKC metro experienced a tornado outbreak earlier this week.

Yep. Just like a bad rash or contagious disease, there are such things as tornado “outbreaks.”

I don’t work close to home anymore. So anytime these storms start to develop, I literally have mere minutes to decide whether I’m going to stay where I am, or if I have enough time to make it home.

It completely stresses me.

I decided to go home Wednesday, along with half the metro.

The roads were getting congested, and rain started to fall.

I turned on the radio and there was already a tornado south of OKC, with more rotating areas on the way.

I gripped the steering wheel in fear and tried to steady my breath.

You see, no matter how long I’ve lived here, I don’t handle storms well. at all.

I knew I didn’t want to stay at work. I knew I just wanted to be home. However, I had to get from A to B and trust God to get me there safely.

My mind flashed back to Sunday’s message on prayer.

At the end of the service, our campus pastor handed out cards and asked us to write down one word that epitomized something we needed prayer for.

I wrote down the word “trust.”

This year had a rocky start. God is helping me work on my trust every single day. Perhaps I’ll share that story another day.

We then exchanged the card with someone around us, and committed to praying for each other this week.

We then prayed collectively about the word we chose and asked that the Lord reveal Himself this week in a very clear way.

Right on cue, the following morning the Lord used my Bible app’s “verse of the day” to remind me of His love and plan for my life- and need to trust Him. It’s a verse I think about often, and I know it was no coincidence to see it Monday morning. 


He knew I needed to see that verse, and it truly blessed me.

The powerful storms Wednesday were by far the biggest lessons I faced on trust this week.

Believe me, trust was definitely going through my mind as I creeped along busy highways trying to get home.

It reminded me of a well known story in Mark I’d read earlier this week.

Mark told the story of Jesus walking on water in chapter 6. Jesus sent the disciples on a boat over to Bethsaida while he stayed behind.

That night, the waves began to crash against the boat and hindered their progress. The disciples found themselves straining to move the boat.

Jesus watched their efforts and began to walk toward them on the water.

What happened next makes me laugh a little. In fact, I’m positive Jesus had a sense of humor.


Jesus began to walk past the boat, almost as if to pass on by. It makes me smile a little. It’s like he siked them out.

Instead of recognizing him, the disciples were completely terrified and thought he was a ghost!

Yep, the guys that spent more time with him the last years of his life than anyone else thought Jesus was a ghost.

Real life.

Jesus watched his friends completely spin their wheels (and maybe even lose their minds for a second with the whole ghost thing), and He told them not to be afraid, to take courage, because He was there.

And he climbed in the boat and the waves calmed.

And as I thought about that story driving home, I began to calm a little, too.

So often I spin my wheels and row in my own power trying to get to “Bethsaida,” only to have the waves of life come around me.

Like the disciples, I strive, worry, and wonder if Jesus just passed me by and left me to fend for myself.

(News alert- He didn’t. He will never leave us nor forsake us.)

I laugh when I think I’m in control of my life. Sure, the Lord has granted us free will to make our own decisions, but ultimately, He is in control.

Ultimately, as we go from point A to point B, whether it’s feverishly going home to avoid a storm, or feverishly wrought with worry and fear because of a diagnosis, or a betrayal, or disappointment, He is still sovereign God and is in control.

He doesn’t walk on by when the waves of life crash about. He tells us to take courage, because He is there.


No matter if the waves keep crashing or subside, He is there. In the boat. Providing peace for his beloveds.

Do we believe it? Do we trust it?

I struggle to trust it.

I truly believe the Lord illuminated all of these things to me this week, during the visceral thunderstorms of life, to remind me He’s ever present during the private storms life brings, too.

As if to further confirm what I already knew to be true (but have a hard time grasping sometimes), yesterday morning, after a night of wild storms, the Lord provided yet another very clear reminder to trust Him.


Everything He does is worthy of trust. It’s not about what I want or how I think things should go. It’s about trusting a God who desires our holiness and works for our good in all things. Even the things we don’t understand yet.

I can unequivocally say the Lord heard my prayers this week and showed up in a big way. I’m still a pupil in the school of trust (and will always be because I need him so), but I definitely learned a couple lessons.

Praying as you go from point A to B in whatever literal or figurative storm you’re facing today, you know He is with those who have surrendered their hearts to Him. Trust His word to be true, and trust everything He does is worthy of it. 

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