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Thursday Things, 5 March 15

Sooo last weekend Will and I spent 3.5 hours at AT&T and they still didn’t get everything right.

We drove to where Will’s parents live in hopes of getting it done faster. (Ahahaha)

What made it even better (ha) was that we didn’t realize everything that was wrong until after we drove the 1.5 hours home and Will’s mom received a cancellation on the iPad mini she got with her phone upgrade. I also got an email confirmation my iPad had shipped… But it’s tied to Will’s dad’s number. Wee!

Will’s mom is so sweet and gentle, and even she was miffed by the whole experience.

Please tell me you have bad phone stories a too? It seems like everyone I know has some ridiculous headache of a story.

Longest. Day. Ever.

And it keeps going until all this junk is sorted out.

On a positive (??) note, Will’s phone had serious sound issues but we were able to take it back and get a new one this week without a headache.

Want to know what made the whole AT&T outing even more awesome?

It was during a snowstorm.

Aaaand my sister was on vacation during the most miserable week of the year.

I’m sending her pics like this

That one time we drove to AT&T an hour away in a storm to sit there for 3.5 hours. Wee!

That one time we drove to AT&T an hour away in a storm to sit there for 3.5 hours. Wee!

And she’s sending ones back like this

Paradise. All pics sent amidst an OKC snow storm

Paradise. All pics sent amidst an OKC snow storm

Way to rub it in there, P.

Oh and did I tell you about my Fit Bit?

Now we'll get to see the awesomeness of sitting behind a desk all day in charts and graphs 😂

My company is so wonderful. For participating in various healthy challenges, they gave employees Fit Bits!

Now we get to see the awesomeness of sitting behind a desk all day in charts and graphs. 😂

Hopefully the realization of how much I sit all day presented in cold, hard, facts will help me get moving more while at work.

With a the snow lately, I had to post this pic for our TBT.

Brittny FLint-9 yrs old playing in the snow in Vilseck,Germany

My technicolor coat. haha

Will and I rediscovered the fact that we can make our own super delicious popcorn at home.

Not the kind from a bag. I mean using kernels and popping it on the stove.

We went through a whole phase back in Kuwait and had it a lot.

We’ve been back almost seven years and hadn’t had it once until last week.

How does that even happen? Being so nutso over things, only to have them completely fall off the map for years.


Anyway. Popcorn. On the stove. Hello 1958!

Early Anniversary Festivities

Through a string of events, it looks like Will and I might be celebrating number 11 apart. :(

I’m off next Friday, and I was so very excited about having the entire day together, as well as the whole weekend, too.

Now, however, it looks like I might be out of town. Not only that, but Will’s parents are also scheduled to spend the night that same weekend, so regardless of whether I’m home or not, we’ll have visitors over the weekend.

To be safe, I think we might we celebrate a week early. The highlight will probably be spending all day Saturday morning cleaning for Will’s parents. Haha

But for real, I can’t believe we’re old enough to been married for 11 years!

That’s it for now, sweets. Anything you care to share?

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