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Thursday Things, 4 Sep 14

Royal Tailor-Making Me New

Thursday things

This one is fun, upbeat, and definitely a good one for a workout

Soffe Cloth Shorts

Thursday things

This is not a new love. It’s a very, very old one.

I wear the dickens out of these shorts and have one for every day in the week!

I wear these all summer around the house, and they are my go-to shorts for at-home workouts.

They’re super cheap, too. I’ve had all my pairs for years, and they are still in decent shape.

MuscleTech Cookies & Cream Protein

Dead. Let's hope it's a good as I want it to be.

I hoped it would be delicious, and it didn’t disappoint.

To be fair, I’ve only used it to make a smoothie and haven’t tried it the good old fashioned way (just stirred up with water). It was delicious in the smoothie though!

This post about breaking camp

Pixi Tinted Balm in Pretty Pink

July Ipsy
I got this color in last month’s Ipsy.
These days, I usually try to use up what I have before starting a new color. Mainly because I have about 30 opened lipsticks and lip glosses that are all half used. However, when I got this I knew it would be a winner. I’ve used this stuff daily and will definitely buy it again. 

These HIIT cardio workouts from the queen of figure, Nicole Wilkins

Short weeks
Waking up and knowing it’s Thursday instead of Wednesday was a good feeling, anyone with me?

Girls, if you have some time this weekend check out our Sisters event at

The event will be held for women across all campuses, but it will also be simulcasted online.

This Throwback Thursday Pic

Britt-1 yr old playing in her toybox

So much material here.

Without getting too brutal about my cheesy grin and floppy hair (let’s be gentle with baby Brittny, please) can we please laugh about how I’m totally lounging inside my toy box all reading it up like it’s completely normal?

Good times.

That’s all for now. If you need me, I’ll be hanging in my Strawberry Shortcake toy box reading…

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