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Thursday Things, 19 Feb 15

Soo last weekend Will and I thought we’d watch a movie, and gave Silver Linings Playbook a try.

Will thought it was about football.

I thought it was about ballet.

Clearly we were wrong.

We rarely give up on movies a third of the way in, but we did with this one.

Did we miss out? Please say no.

Since we are talking movies...

Did any of you see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty?

It was better than I thought it was going to be. We saw it twice, actually. Once when it came out, and again recently on TV.

I’m not going to lie, I’m not entirely sure why, but I got a little misty eyed in a couple parts. Real life.

On a side note, if you like Jose Gonzalez or Junip, the soundtrack is good, too.

Functional Workouts

Last weekend Will and I enjoyed some quality time with Layla.

We made the mistake of playing London Bridges with her.

Only, instead of making bridges with our arms and having Layla go through them, we made Layla the bridge.

I took her legs, and Will held her underneath her arms, and we swung her to the song.

Anytime we’d say London Bridges were falling down, Will and I would dip her down a little.

The kid loved it.

Will got quite the workout! He woke up sore the next morning.

Toddlers= great resistance equipment. Haha

Forgive me for saying this, but...

I could have really used a snow day this year.

Just one.

Or two.

(Yes, I realize some of you are facing snow drifts 26 times your height and want to punch me right now.)

We had a mild winter. Monday was our first real bout of “bad” weather this year, and it wasn’t even that bad comparatively.

I got to go in two hours later, and it was wonderful.

Let’s be real, not much beats being a kid and getting a whole snow day.

Quarter Century Mark

P turns 25 next week.

How is that even possible!?

I pretty remember her whole life, and her being 25 makes me feel old.

Where does the time go? I was 25 when we went on our most fantabulous three week vacation across the Mediterranean, and here we are, seven years later, and she’s the one that’s 25.

once again showing how we feel after a late night burger order
santorini girls

That makes me feel old.



There’s this giant television void now that Parenthood is off the air.

You’ve got your cop shows, your medical dramas, the mystery/fantasy thrillers, and CSI everything, but no shows about real life, day-to-day stuff.

Why does NBC hate us!?

Today’s TBT is brought to you by Cologne, Germany

Brittny Flint-2 years old at Cologne, Germany

Look at me posing. I crack myself up. 

That’s it for today. Anything you care to share?

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