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This is Long. Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You.


It’s update time!

So now that I’m back in school, something had to drop in my life to ensure that I wouldn’t become a homicidal maniac irrational. I chose to let my house go.

It’s not a pit, but it’s definitely seen better days. I like to think of it as somewhere in between TLC Hoarders: Buried Alive, and Danny Tanner’s crib on Full House. In sum, my house probably looks like a lot of other irrational Americans who on a whim woke up one day and were like, “I know! I want to willingly endure two years of mental pain during the worst.economic.conditions.ever. so that I’m more competitive for positions that companies can’t afford to hire right now! AND I want to do it while working full time!” Brilliant!

Anyway- before I went off on the above tangent, I had a point I was getting to.

My point is that I usually use my breaks in school to do major deep cleaning of our house. I like to spread it out over the course of a week, to where I don’t spend an entire Saturday scouring every nook and cranny. Only, it’s Thursday night and I haven’t so much as picked up a sponge.


Oh- and I ate eight cake batter pancakes and three tortillas slathered in two tablespoons of peanut butter for dinner tonight.

It’s like my whole being is out of kilter and is in revolt for doing anything responsible this week.

Yet at the same time that grandma within wants to scratch my eyes out for not picking up the freaking Swiffer duster and going at the ceiling fans.

Have you seen your ceiling fans!?

Unless you’re Danny Tanner I bet they’re bad.

Before I started school, mine were clean. In fact, I could have hosted a dinner party on each of the blades (Ha. “Hi! Please bring your own ladder- and healthy side dish!").

Not so much any more.


Basically I’m trying to tell you that nothing is happening cleaning wise tonight and I feel incredibly guilty about it and am trying to pretend that I don’t care at all.

But you all CLEARLY see through me. Who spends eight minutes talking about not caring? I obviously do.


Okay- so let’s move on, yes?

I don’t think there’s a need to update you on school. I’m pretty sure you’re clear on how I feel about that.

As for other things…

Will started a new job in March. He had been working for his dad, driving back and forth to his hometown. Not only was it exhausting for both of us, but it was ridiculous in gas money. So, we decided it would be most economical for him to do what he’s doing up here instead of down there, which meant he had to leave his dad’s business. It was sad for them, but definitely nice for us overall. And our gas bill. So that’s been a transition the last couple of months, but a very good one.

The Sooner season is fast approaching, which always makes him happy, as you know. However he also has the Thunder to occupy his time. The real question is- will we have NFL to watch this fall? My bet is yes. If I have to beg the owners and players myself, I will. Will might go off the deep end if they don’t play. Okay, I’m kidding, but I couldn’t talk about my husband without addressing sports!

We also celebrated seven years of marriage in March! Seven. Geez. I’ll elaborate more on that in a separate cover. Not today!


Much like Will and sports are me and working out. I realize I just told you of the carbicide that I just inflicted on myself, so it’s probably hard for you to take me seriously now. I knew I should have left the pancake part out! Eh- you all know me well enough to know that there are times in which I will most definitely have a tub of frosting in my house.

I will, say, however I haven’t been eating as much crap this year. You may have noticed that stock in Betty Crocker has taken a nose dive. I got so fed up of working out for nothing. I would spend hours in the gym trying to get “muscles” when all I was really doing was barely accomodating my giant caloric appetite. It’s hard to have muscles when they’re hiding under layers of cake batter pancakes!

Anyway, I’ve cut out a lot of the crap (which Will loves… HA) and have started to see better results. In fact, I feel like I need to show you guys that I no longer walk around with a box of cereal in my left arm at all times. Well, not as often anyway. I took this tonight, after the lovely plain white flour binge fest. I might as well have eaten two cups of sugar. Hopefully you can tell that I have teeny shoulder and bicep muscles trying to peek out (hello!), and not a mound of vanilla frosting sitting on my arm. Ugh. Vanilla frosting. Don’t remind me.


It’s right about -----> here <------ where I would now post my workout.

But I just ate eight pancakes.

I'm in no condition to offer workout advice.

I’m just glad I don’t pee eight times a night… yet
So I also turned 28 about a month ago. Yeah, I realize some of you are already there and past- but it’s still a milestone. I was convinced that 27 was still “mid to late twenties” (but really? who am I kidding? Everyone knows I was in my late 20s. I was just in denial for a year. Why do I feel like I’m going to be 29 FOREVER?).

Sweet Will is not a flower guy, mainly because I’m a cheap miser, however he had pretty pink roses sent to my work which totally brightened my day.

I intended on posting deep thoughts somewhere around there but for some reason I spent hours posting pictures of my OCD outlet picture taking instead.

Clearly I have a little more maturing to do in my old age.

Trying to Avoid Sleeping in the Car
Will turned 30 last summer and for his very belated birthday we’re making a trip to Florida for the OU-Florida State game. I know you’re shocked.

We also decided it would be nice to take a (Very, Very, Very) cheap trip somewhere around Christmas this year. Will suggested going to Minneapolis. If you’ve read for a while you know that every year in Kuwait we’d come back for vacation in Oklahoma and first stop over in Minneapolis. It sort of became our little spot and a place close to our hearts. Will thought it would be fun for us to do that again this year.

I think he’s sweet.

But at the same time, we haven’t gone on a trip that wasn’t OU related in a while and I thought it might be nice to do something we haven’t done yet. I suggested Vegas, but Will said we can’t go to Vegas at Christmas. He didn’t come out and say it but I feel like he thinks it’s sacrelige or something. I suggested a few more places and he hasn’t been too enthused just yet. We don’t want to spend very much at all. In fact, I think we’re considering this as more of a mini getaway instead of a full blown vacation. I mean, I don’t want us to sleep in the rental car, but we also don’t want to give away the farm.

Or Lucy.

So, I’m back to the drawing board. Somewhere in between scrubbing our shower and losing four pounds this week I’m going to look into all inclusives. Surely he’ll go for that, right?

Perhaps the biggest update
Oh- and by the way- my parents bought the house one door down.

Do you love how I calmly throw that in?

It’s like I need my own reality television show.

Because then I would have a reason to clean my house.

Oh- and they’d probably capture some interesting moments for sure.

My dad is still in Kuwait working full time, but my mom is currently staying here while they sort of figure out what they’re going to do (and all roads eventually lead right down the street. Actually. Not even really down the street. That would mean that you could ride your bike there or maybe even take a quick drive. Not walk outside and be in their driveway.).

Oh, and let’s not even get into the fact that I STILL HAVEN’T BLOODY GIVEN HER A GRANDCHILD.

I mean- it’s not like I wake up in the middle of the night and see her hovering over my side of the bed with a sonogram machine in hand “just to make sure” or anything, but still… between her and Jenny, and our seven years of childless marriage- yeah- I can’t really expect it not to come up.

I say all this for blogging material (hi mom!), but honestly it’s been nice. I spent three years away from my family, after being close in proximity for 25 years. I don’t think any of us anticipated that after three years we would be this close in proximity though, right? Because everyone close to me knows that it’s free game on here (haha). So hopefully my family can be good sports and know that I actually love how my sweet mom cuts up canteloupe for me and offers to mend my clothes, and make dinner, and go to church with us. It’s nice.

Let’s Call it a Night
I’m sure there’s more, but I just did a quick preview and wow- the odds of anyone reading this is pretty low. Even my dear old mom probably tuckered out at those freaking awesomely fierce arms (oh and I’m kidding by the way. They’re not fierce. I hope one day though!). My point is that I probably need to pull back the throttle on the lengthy post. Unfortunately I think it’s a little too late!


I have a few more days until my summer class begins. I wonder if I can commit to posting once a week during my class? That’s not bad, right? Then I have a whole month off so I for see more consistent posting- and house cleaning- then.

That’s all for now, but as always, more to come…

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