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must start out this mundane “Monday” post saying thanks to my sweet nesties who gave me song ideas. I have had so much fun downloading songs this weekend. It’s quite addicting! For the trillionth time, I love the little community we have here.

I’m currently sitting at my desk annoying the entire Kuwaiti population as I crunch ever so loudly on celery.

I hate that.

I feel so embarrassed.

Could I have brought anything louder with me!? All I need is a mariachi band and I’d have a loud snack time party! That’s about the only thing that could be louder this very second.

What is killing me the most is that I talked to Will and he had yummy Popeye’s for lunch. I might honestly run over a feeble grandma in a mad dash for one of their biscuits. Will has been off the wagon all weekend, and, apparently- after telling me he was going to hit the diet hardcore this week- he had Popeye’s for lunch.

Hmmm. There ya go. Not exactly what comes to mind when I think South Beach Friendly.

Do you want to know the thing that makes this all worse and has forced me to throw up on myself in disgust (not really)? He is still losing weight! Ugh. Why is that!? That is true for all men. They could diet the same amount of time, take an entire weekend off and eat Popeye’s and pizza and Baskin Robbins times three, and still weigh in lighter than the previous week. I want a week off too, darn it! I’ve said this a million times and I “know” this to be true: yesterday I gained a pound simply by looking and lusting after the Papa John’s pizza he ordered to reward himself for his loss.

Yes, let out a big laugh, my wonderful husband pumped himself full of fat and carbs for losing weight. You gotta love that contradiction.

I was a good girl and made some whole wheat pasta and pesto while he indulged himself, probably losing weight with each and every piercing bite. Ugh. Can you tell I’m a little bitter!? I bust my butt and am remaining rather stationary, and my sweet Will burps and loses 3 pounds. smile

He had 4 pieces left over from the carnage, which (and I promise!) are still in the fridge this very moment. I looked at them for a split second this morning as I was getting ready to have breakfast, but exercised my willpower and had my Kashi- which is just as good in my book.

Okay, so I know there’s scientific evidence of all this men vs. women dieting stuff, but I would much rather complain and vent. In all honestly, I am SO proud of my Willy. He HAS (I say “has” because time will tell if this off the wagon stretch is going to mess him up or not. I see him either staying off the wagon or getting back on but having to work extra hard since he has totally undone any craving killing) been doing so well, so I hope he keeps showing me up with his success! I’ll continue to complain how it’s unfair that I’m losing .00000021 pounds a week while he is dropping 3, but I am really rooting him on and proud.

I weighed in this week the same as I did last week. It’s sort of frustrating, but I know that exercise will help me out TONS. I just need to get our elliptical! Hopefully I will see more results with that.

As you can see, I don’t have much to day today. I think it’s because it’s winter and cold and everything seems to move slowly- including my life. I have nothing exciting to report, which isn’t bad… it just doesn’t make for interesting posts. Oh well.

Thanks for listening to my semi-jealous post about how Will is totally cheating the system and still losing weight as I struggle each day to not gain weight from a stinkin’ piece of chicken! Gah!

Back to my celery…

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