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the storming soonerettes

Ladies, I think I’ve officially got myself in over my head with Will.

Will loves sports. I’ve said it a million times in this blog. He loves every kind and has a million sites he must visit everyday to keep up on what is going on. Its more of an addiction than a hobby. Well, here comes August again, the month I have started to dread. Fantasy Draft. Here we go. I’m “single“ until the Super Bowl- but then basketball starts so its kind of a year round thing. smile

The movie Fever Pitch is a good way to equivilate Will’s love for OU and NFL football. He loves these two things like Jimmy Fallon loves the Red Sox.  I enjoy watching games with him, but his fantasy stuff is a whole different world with strange words and points and the longest draft of your life.

Will is in a keeper league, which means he can stay in the same league with the same guys as long as he wants. This is his second year in this one. He also joined another keeper league with higher stakes and better prizes. That’s TWO. And because he is in two leagues, the site gave him one free… that’s right girls. Three leagues for sure, and hes considering a fourth.

What’s a wife to do? I decided I didn’t want to become a sports widow again so I mentioned that it might be fun for us to do one of his leagues together, as a team. At first he was leery and not too excited because he figured I wouldn’t take it seriously. I told him I would and now I’m in trouble.

I’ll fess up. Here’s my confession. I really didn’t plan on getting overly serious about being in this league with him. I just thought it would be fun to pick names that sounded familiar and root for the guys when they played each week. Ha. Today Will brought me my very own $10 fantasy draft magazine so I could do- and I quote- “research.” There you have it.

I really figured I would just look over his shoulder with a supportive smile and say, “Will, that was a great pick!” or, “Our team is really great, huh?” as he set up the rosters for the week. I was looking more for an encouraging, show up for game day role. He is not.

He was actually pretty excited that I wanted to do this with him, which got me excited because I know how much this stuff means to him. I have absolutely no idea what to do with this magazine and I have no idea how to break down and compare stats, but by golly I’m going to try! smile

I even tried to get Will to change our team’s name to the Storming Soonerettes (goofy, I know), but he didn’t want to go that far- afterall he is playing with the guys . We wouldn’t want them to know that a GIRL is helping her husband in a league, right?

So, this is quite a challenge I’m taking under and i’m not sure how I’m going to hang, but what a trip it will be.

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