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The one with the horse-sized spider & look ahead

I’d Iove to tell you guys all about my weekend, except I’m still completely paralyzed in fear. 

Guys, we have a gargantuan spider hiding somewhere in our house, and it’s kind of consumed my weekend life.

I often overuse the words “huge,” “gigantic,” and “terrifying” when it comes to spiders, so Will has a hard time gauging reality against my exaggeration.

Which is fair. I get it.

But let’s be real, for most girls all spiders are huge, gigantic, and terrifying.

Only… The one that made its way into our house Friday really was all those things.

As well as alarmingly fast and mammoth.

So alarming, in fact, that after it quickly ran into our living room and under the couch, I asked my dad to help me find it so we could deal with it without waiting for Will to get home.

Only, when we looked under the couch, it wasn’t there.

When Will got home we moved couches, got flashlights out and looked under furniture, and everything.

No spider.

Guyyyyys. This is awful!

“He’s gonna eat Lucy, Will!”

Not kidding.

I literally didn’t sit on the couch all weekend until Will finally “made” me last night.

I wore shoes in the house all weekend, and if you know me, you know I hate, loathe, and detest wearing shoes in my house.

It’s that huge and scary.

I kept thinking about waking up and walking out to a living room completely encapsulated in webs.

Obviously I got a little paranoid, but seriously- huge.webs.everywhere.

And now he knows where we are but we have no idea where he is.

He’s hiding out laughing his hairy legs off every time I quickly run through the living room, wearing sneakers and turning every.single.light.on.


So yeah. In addition to usual weekend stuff, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for the epic tarantula hanging out in my house.

Oh and my dad took a pic of this monster that spun a web outside their house this weekend.
Huge spider


Anyway, we had stuff going on this weekend, but as you can see, the spider is consuming my thoughts.

I will mention I made the mistake of making a Genius Bar appointment the day after the iPhone 6 came out.

Bad idea.

Regardless of having an appointment, it was a complete zoo!

So yeah. My weekend in a nutshell. A big spider and the usual weekend stuff.


Let’s go ahead and take a look at what’s up ahead this week!

-Tuesday Things
-Why I love working out
-September Ipsy
-Ezra chapter two

Sorry to drone on about the spider, but as I sat down to share today’s post, it is still on my mind and there was no way I could share anything else. Ha!

Check in tomorrow for more fun! If you need me, I’ll be standing on a chair, in the kitchen, with my shoes on, looking for that spider. wink

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