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The one with more painting & a Look Ahead

Okay guys, can I please tell you how excited I am that it’s Monday and Jack is back?!

You may remember that Will and I were seriously obsessed with 24 while living in Kuwait. We were able to buy the series box sets and binge watch to no end.

Today’s post could be devoted to all things 24, but I’m going to stop here and hit a few weekend highlights.

Friday started with a delicious breakfast treat.


I also got to have a lunch with some special people! P was off Friday so she and Layla came up to my office and we had lunch together! It was very special. I also got to meet a special someone, but we will leave it at that for now. smile A very good lunch.

Friday night Will and I went to see the new Spider-Man movie.

Movie date

I won’t spoil it for you, but I will say there’s quite a surprise ending! Through some research Will and I learned it was true to the actual comic book, so i suppose it makes more sense now.

Saturday started early with a workout. I worked legs,back, and biceps and hit them all hard. I hate combining that many body parts into one session, but I made it as functional as I could and knocked it out!

Saturday was full of usual chores and house stuff, as well as a trip to the store and Sam’s. We met my family for a late lunch at Ted’s Saturday afternoon. After lunch we were super full and walked it off a bit at Academy sports. I had to pick up one more dumbbell to complete my tiny set. I’m looking forward to having them so I can have more effective home workouts when I can’t make it to the gym.

After Academy, Will and I went to church. Guys, seriously check out this sermon if you have any kids in your life, be it your own children, nieces, whatever… Check it out. Dave Ramsey offers some great advice for teaching kids about money.

After church we cheered the Thunder onto victory!! Yay boys!

Yesterday was a little painful. Aside from my morning trip to the gym, it was entirely devoted to work.

Lots of work.

We hate painting and will never do it ourselves again. Ever.

We finally finished painting Will’s room. We only had the ceiling left, but it has a weird angle and a wooden rafter down the middle so it wasn’t easy!

Four hours later and everything in the room was completely painted.

And we shall never paint again. smile ever. I see why people hire painters now.

I treated myself to a nice dinner and an evening on the couch with Will.


Let’s talk about posts this week. This week we’re talking about:

-A delicious summery salad
-When hardcore becomes harmful
-Thursday confessions
-My struggle with Elmyra syndrome

So check in tomorrow for more fun, friends!

Until then? Let’s watch 24 tonight and talk about it tomorrow. smile

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