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The One Where We Skipped & a Week of Thankfulness

We broke a streak Saturday and

We didn’t go to the OU-Kansas game.

We go to games.

All the games.

However, like hundreds of others, we skipped Saturday.  The stands were spotty and it made me sad.

Surprisingly, I was more bothered about not going than Will was.

“We go to games, that’s what we do. We can’t just not go to a game!”

But yeah, we did.

It felt weird watching at home. I suppose it was rather nice in some ways, though.

Not only was there a 90 minute rain delay, but it rained the entire game and everything was a sopping wet mess.

Can we also talk about what a straight BEAST the man child Samaje Perine is?

Not only did he break two school records, one Big 12 record, and a NCAA record as a freshman.

Good times.


I kind of shot off with OU talk and got the weekend recap out of order.

Sorry about that. smile

The weekend.

Was lovely.

I crushed a super sweaty lifting and cardio session Friday.

Embracing intervals

I shopped for Thanksgiving not thinking it would be that busy.

I was wrong.

I got to spend a few hours with my mom and this turkey. It was so very nice.

My favorite turkey

I enjoyed Friday.

Saturday was weird since we didn’t go to the game, but it was still nice.

Will worked that morning, and I hit the gym to do a leg circuit and quick cardio session. I wanted to workout longer, but I had to hurry to take the littles to the vet for shots!

Poor babies, the round they got Saturday only comes around every few years, so it left them feeling puny and sickly all day.

Although I hated it for them, they sure we’re snuggly all day. I enjoyed that part.

My precious littles.

According to our vet they’re officially “seniors” now. My sweet pups are no longer spring chickens. Sad!

The rest of Saturday was all about college football, which we already covered. smile

We watched some shows later that evening, but around 7:00 Will decided we should take a quick snooze- just for an hour- so we could power through a few more hours that night.

I specifically remember telling him I hate doing that. Our history has proven we can’t take a “quick snooze” at night. We always end up just going to sleep for the night.

Will said this was different. That he just needed a little pick me up.

Sooo we took a quick snooze.

And woke up a little after 6:00 yesterday morning.

Yeah. Quick snooze. Ha!

We went to the early service, and were blessed by a great message.

The rest of the day was the usual- workout, Colts game, food prep, and relaxing.

Now we start the week, and I do so with big excitement! It’s a short week. Woo hoo!

I’m not often ecstatic about Monday, but I am today. I love this week and this whole time of year.

In fact, that’s what’s coming up on the blog this week! A Week of Thankfulness.

Each post this week will be devoted to something different.

That way I don’t have to try to lump it all into a giant, mushy post.

You can thank me later.

I hope you’ll check in throughout the week, and also leave a comment in the Share the Love section to express the things you’re thankful for too.

Stop by tomorrow! Until then, here’s to a good Monday. 

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