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The Long One Where We Celebrated 65 Years & Look Ahead

Hey there sweets!

Here we go again.

How was your weekend? Tell me, tell me!

Mine was wonderful. I am blessed in so many ways.

And you are too!

Sometimes we have our head down plowing through life so quickly, that we never take time to look up and realize just how good we have it.

Let’s talk weekend stuff.

It was my Friday to be off, so I enjoyed that! I took advantage of a longer workout, and got ready.

I had plans to meet a former coworker for lunch. Before I knew it, not only did she show up, but she brought three more people with her that I used to work with!

It was such a wonderful surprise. Never mind the fact I was totally in workout wear and sort of bumming. Ha!

Regardless, I enjoyed catching up very much.

Afterward it was off to the store for groceries and laundry soap ingredients!

I was able to whip up a batch of my very own homemade laundry soap in mere minutes. I was pretty darn proud!

Laundry soap art (premixing)

Later that afternoon I also got to catch Layla’s swim lesson.

Pre swim.

Swim lessons!

Post swim.

Swim lessons!

Her adorableness is killing me. Watch this video of her wishing Will a happy birthday.


Oh, and sorry for my terrible grammar. What horrific things will she pick up from me!? Haha (just watch the video)

Definitely a fun-filled day.

Saturday was busy and forever long. In fact, because of the way the day was broken up, it felt like two distinct days. Haha

Will worked for a few hours in the morning, so I hit the gym and crushed a leg workout.

For several months now, I’ve been going pretty light with higher reps. However, on Saturday I was ready to change it up and see what I had in me.

Afterward, I had a tea/coffee date with P and Layla, and my mom even showed up for a few minutes! 

On a side note, our coffee shop has like two dozen different types of flavored teas and I have been working my way through them. Saturday was an iced apple vanilla. Yum.

I enjoyed our morning chat.

I did some housework, and then Will got home.

A few hours later, we were off to see Will’s grandparents!

They are celebrating their 65th anniversary, so the family gathered to share in their day.

Celebrating 65 years. ❤️

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’ve been blessed beyond I deserve with the family I married into. They are such good and uplifting people.

I even got to visit with the wife of one of Will’s cousins who recently came back from Falls Creek, a Christian summer camp in Oklahoma.

I have countless wonderful memories of my summers there, and it was so exciting to hear about her recent experience going as an adult and helping students.

We ended up talking for a good half hour, caught up in all the wondrous and beautiful work The Lord is doing around us and even around the world. It was such an empowering discussion!

The party started late in the day, so we got home well past our bedtime!

I had big plans to go to the gym at 6 and workout before the day got started, but yeah, totally didn’t happen.

Instead, I slept in past 7 and Will and I met my family for breakfast! I always enjoy mornings like that.

Afterward, Will and I had close to an hour to kill before Petsmart opened. Which (obviously) meant a trip to Target was in order.

We meandered and contemplated exciting things like vacuums.

Contemplating vacuums

Will snagged a “steal” on a blue Ray DVD of a childhood favorite- The Man From Snowy River.


Actually, I think I only saw it once and was really young, so maybe I’ll like it now?

We finished our errands and then it was time for church, food prep, and relaxing.

Here we are, another weekend down and another long week ahead.

So let’s take a look at what’s coming up this week:

-a single serving, 1-minute, 100 calorie, sweet snack
-a quick at-home workout
-Things I’m loving
-Using words

Now? Let’s conquer the long day ahead. Check in tomorrow! 

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