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the last nest post.

Well, this is a decision I’ve been thinking about long before the nest made it’s catastrophic change everyone has been crying about (don’t worry, I’m crying too), but guys, it’s been real.

I’m out.

I really wanted to post something real and meaningful about all my great times at this awesome place, but

I’m out.


My new blog is It’s still a work in progress and i’m not posting just yet because I’m getting the page set up, but I should be posting in a few weeks- so hang on and stay with me girls! IT will just have a NameCheap “parking space“ page when you go, but this is in fact the right site. Like I said, I need about 3 more weeks, but there she be!

I really really really didn’t want to announce my new space until it was ready, but I felt it was important to let you guys know that I love you and I really miss “talking” everyday like we used to. So, no, I’m not leaving the blogosphere, I’m just taking a few week hiatus for my site to be built and all “fancified.” ha ha

I have to ask you to do me a HUGE favor-

Since we’re all jumping ship I haven’t been keeping track of your new addresses so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me your new link so I can add it to my links page so we can all stay up to date.

Don’t forget about me in the next few weeks! I will be catching up with you guys everyday (as long as I get those freaking links!).

Wow, I feel like I should be saying so much more, but the truth is that I’ve been saving some funny stories for my new place. So, this is it for now.

Have a great day, keep me posted, send your links, and check out my site (soon, but seriously, not yet).


To the nest and all the girls I’ve loved before:

You’ve been the best friends a girl in Kuwait could ask for. Thanks for all the fun.

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