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the clampetts are in town ya’ll!

Hello Beautiful Ladies!

I’m sitting at the hotel here in beautiful Dubai and wanted to rip off a quick post.

My mom is out by the pool,

My dad and sister are scoping out the hotel,

I’m trying to figure out how to wear my hair in this humidity,

and Will is watching SportsCenter. what a shock, right?

Our trip here was nice and fast, which it the best way to travel.

I got home yesterday afternoon and watched Will pack. during that time we had a deep conversation about the amazing life of clothes and how many adventures they go on. Silly, I know, but very true!

We went to the airport and did all the checking in stuff, etc. While we were there I accidentally scuffed Will’s prize possession suitcase. You would have thought I dented his brand new right off the line Ferarri or something! He was really upset with me about the whole thing.

See, Will is VERY meticulous about taking care of things, which I generally appreciate (although sometimes he is very particular and it becomes annoying). I, on the other hand, could try my very best to take care of something and for some terrible misfortune not only break that thing but the next 5 thigns around that thing. It’s really sad.

Anyhow, I told Will that luggage is meant to get beat up, that’s why it’s luggage. I said I was sorry, I was only trying to help carry the suitcase up the step so he didn’t have to help me. He accepted my apology but I could tell he wasn’t pacified.

Girls, something about vacations bring out a strange part of Will and I. We get along so well. We have such a beautiful dynamic together, however, there seems to be some added pressure when you talk vacations or major events like anniversaries. It’s like this big huge event that is supposed to be so wonderful and great. I think just knowing you “HAVE” to get along and havea great time just somehow deep in our veins messes up that dynamic.

For example, we could dub Tuesday night, “Have a wonderful night with your spouse at a fancy dinner and dote on each other and make an effort to really appreciate each other and have a super time” and we would subconsciously go out of our way to kill each other and kill Tuesday night, not only for us, but everyone else in the world.

Why is that!?

So, we politely had an argument as we waited to board (you have to love polite arguments. Those are the ones where you pretend to be chatting and getting along due to the large number of people around you) and seemed to resolve our issues. I apologized for being clumsy, though I fear there is nothing I can do about that, and I think he finally got off it- for the moment at least.

We’ve gotten along great ever since.

We flew in last night and went to get our luggage and guess what- they looked like they fell out of the plane on the way there and then somehow magically floated back to the luggage bin- only after surfing, beating itself against rocks, and riding through the desert.

They were so scuffed. It was sad. I was surprised they had gotten so scuffed on a one hour trip, but again, that’s why it’s luggage, right?

Will was so upset and sad. I know he paid a lot of money for it, but it totally cracked me up. He didn’t get over it all night. When we got to the hotel he kept trying to rub the scuffs out and inspected the entire thing. It was really giving me a laugh. I hate to see how he feels after a trip to the states and back!

The trip to the hotel was a hoot. Remember the Clampett thing I was talking about? Yeah, it came to be. We rented a Mercedes for the weekend. It’s nice and spacious, but NOT when you have 4 huge suitcases. We could fit two in the trunk.


What to do with the other 2

What to do with the other 2…


My mom, sister, and I crammed in the back and had a huge black suitcase on our laps. Will somehow got in the front and my dad had to violently shove the other huge black suitcase on Will’s lap. It was terribly embarrassing. I have a picture of me and P I will post in the next day or two. It was so classic.

We had to help navigate for my dad because he couldn’t see a thing. Poor Will, we all kept “oohing” and “ahing” over the architecture here, but he couldn’t see anything over the suitcase. It was just too funny. Actually, it was funny until we got to the Hyatt and had a million people watching as we got out. I swear one of the bell man trying to pry the suitcase from out of our laps TOTALLY got some breast action from me. I felt a little violated! Thankfully we won’t have to do that again until tomorrow. It will be really be something to remember as we roll up to the Burj. Yes, I’m sure I’ll have to tell you all about that.

Our hotel is amazing. We’re staying at the Grand Hyatt Hotel of Dubai. I would link to the hotel but I’m too lazy and really need to finish getting around for the day. It’s massive and the biggest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. I forgot how many buildings are included in the hotel. I hope I’ll get to look around a bit and take some pictures.

Today I think is the skiing day. I’m not sure I’m going to go, but will is. We’re going to the Emirates Mall- again I would link, but too lazy- to browse around. I think that’s where the slope is too, so while Will and my dad ski, the girls can do some shopping.

Gosh! There is so much I want to talk about, but I really need to go. I’m just glad I got to get on as long as I did!

I love you guys and will be posting again very soon- with pictures

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