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Being an unwilling “SAHW” has brought out the inner Martha in me that I never knew was there. I am doing things I thought only awesome super soccer moms with big SUVs were able to do.

For some very strange reason I think theres a ban on tortillas or something in this country. We can not find them to save our lives. They have these thicker pita type things but no simple flour and water thin as paper tortillas for cryin’ out loud! So, I’ve been wanting to make enchiladas for a while and didn’t want to use those imitation tortillas. I got online printed a recipe and off P and I went to master the art of tortillas making… or something like that.

For something so basic, they were complex. We have everything from football shaped tortillas to something that looked like the state of Flordia. Quite interesting. I hope they taste good. We’ll soon see. smile

Another Martha incident that turned out somewhat successful but has me contemplating taking as ice bath occurred last night. Will has been wanting fresh salsa, and he got a recipe he wanted me to try (I never thought in my life Will would ASK me to make somethinggrin !  ) So, I begin making it and am cutting a million jalepenos. Okay, so I’m sure we all know the “don’t touch anything” rule when working with an offspring of fire. I didn’t touch anything last night, but I couldn’t shake this terrible burning sensation in my fingers the whole evening. I woke up this morning to the same burn- rubbed my eyes (what a dork) and boy that had me up on the wrong side of the bed today. I don’t know what the deal is, but my fingers were stinging all this afternoon even. So I guess you could say this event was a Martha Moment gone sour.

One final Martha moment was own little “craft“ session today. I think it would have went a lot better if I would have invited Jenny’s (MIL) 1st grade class along to show us step by step what to do! Without going into details, there is this guy that has been giving a lot of people trouble at work. Will works under him, so he gets the brunt of things a lot. He has been kind of down because he gets things pawned off on him and the other guy gets credit. Anyway, today P and I decided it would be cute to make him one of those paper chain loops- the ones that are made of construction paper- to signify the days left of this guys contract. This was quite a process. There were over 150 chains. WE wrote a little funny or encouraging note on each and started trying to make the chain of a lifetime. P took half and I took the other half. We ended up getting the numbers out of order and the tape wouldn’t stick… anyone have a five-year-old to lend for an afternoon? We finally finished and taped it up to the wall so he will see it when he comes in. It is a looong chain so it will either depress him when he sees how much longer he has with this guy, or it will encourage him and give him something to work towards and laugh at each time he reads one of our little notes and gets to rip one off. I hope his response is the latter!

Anyway, as much as I want a job I am just trying to make the best of the situation at hand and better myself. Hope you had a good weekend!

~When life gives you lemons cut them up, put them in your iced tea, and thank God you are a southern girl...“


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