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So Will and I did some hanging this weekend.

I’m fully convinced we could never (never EVER) have a “fixer upper.”

In order to maintain a healthy marriage, we will only be able to buy new homes.

I’m not kidding.

I don’t think I’m the only married woman who has experienced the strife of home project fights with their spouse- right?

What is it about trying to do a home project together that seriously brings out the worst in both parties?

I seriously need a grant to study this stuff.

I have this mirror I got ages ago- when we were first married. We’ve been needing to hang it up for months now and have just been putting it off-

probably because we already know how seriously grumpy we get when having to embark on such efforts.

I know as married people we should be all googly eyed and adoring and supportive.

“Oh here, sweetie! Let me hand you that hammer. You look a little dry- would you like some lemonade?”

But the reality is that we’re normal. Very normal.

And screw lemonade.

We recognize that stuff like this only ends up in ridiculous arguments and therefore avoid such tasks at all costs.

Because we love each other- I’m willing to have bare walls.

Sure, we’ll hang a few things throughout the course of the year- but I’m always sure to try to space them out so as to avoid too much “Home Depot Tension” around our place.

I know I’ve said this like a MILLION times on my blog- but Will and I would seriously seriously end up in major marital trouble if we ever had to go on The Amazing Race.

It’s not that we don’t love each other- we so, so do.

It’s not that we can’t work together- we really, really can.

There are just a few certain things we don’t do well- and home improvement projects are one of those certain things (and for some reason I tend to liken The Amazing Race to one super giant home improvement project).

We literally spent our entire Saturday attempting to hang this mirror.

“You’re not helping at all!”

“You’re not telling me what to do!”

“For the thousandth time- will you PLEASE hand me the freaking hammer!!?”

“Is the mirror crooked?”

“I already told you- I don’t have a good eye for these things!”

“Yes you do- is the mirror crooked?!”

“Um, no? It looks great...”

20 minutes later and 4 holes in the wall…

“The mirror is crooked! You said it looked great!”


Yes, it was quite a day.

I hate the grumpiness it causes, but am always happy with the results.

Now- if there’s only a way to get rid of the grumpiness and move straight to the results… that would be great.

I still have so many bare walls in our house, and I’m afraid there’s lots more hanging in our future. Hopefully we’ll start to be pros at this stuff.

And if not-

at least we have lots of other wonderful happy things that bind us together and strengthen our love.

Too bad home improvement projects aren’t one of those things- but I guess that’s why God invented The Doghouse.

Four Hours and Marriage Counseling Later- and Voila! <img src=" />

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