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Well my dears, the Thunder have another game tonight.

They broke our hearts Sunday. To lead the entire time and then lose in the final seconds?


I need them to win tonight.

And the series.

And the whole thing.

But enough basketball talk.

I planned to share an actual recipe with you today, but yeaaah...about that…

Instead, though, I have another treat to share! Links you’re sure to love. From recipes, to fit tips, and lots in between.

Like these delicious homemade Popsicles. I like the idea of making my own fruity treats but kind of wonder if I ever will. Have you ever done it, and how did they turn out?

I’m dying over this homemade vegan almond butter ice cream. I’m positive Will wouldn’t even know it’s dairy free.

Have you tried PB2 yet?

This stuff.

It’s pretty spectacular. PB2 is all natural peanut butter in powdered form, with the oils removed. It’s a fraction of the calories and fat and fantastic in smoothies and baking.

These flourless PB2 brownies look delicious. The savings from using PB2 over regular peanut butter is crazy.

I’ve mentioned my girl crush on Kandee Johnson before. I totally heart that girl. I love this post about why she won’t have plastic surgery and why she’s embraced how she looks.

Back to another ice cream recipe. But really, is there such a thing as sharing too many ice cream recipes? Plus this one fits nicely into your macros.

These tips for not going crazy at your next “cheat meal.”

This post that contemplates sound doctrine. I love this lady’s heart. This was a good one. So beautiful, so poetic.

These instant tips to de-bloat your belly.

How would you live the next 30 days of your life if you knew God was about to change everything?

So those are just a few things that caught my eye the last few weeks, and it wanted to share.

As for other things, I got to have lunch with some former coworkers yesterday, and it was such a treat! I love those girls.

Work is busy, and I’m finally finding my way.

Will and I are going to hang a ton of pics in his room this coming weekend.

Say a prayer for us y’all.  If anything causes us to argue it’s my terrible directions and anytime we embark on hanging something in our house.

Don’t worry, we will talk all about it next week. smile

Until then, click on some of these links, and check in tomorrow for our work it out Wednesday!

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