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Eh so our boys lost and it was quite a heart breaker.

In fact, I don’t even want to talk about it.

Is that okay?

I will, however, share some pictures of the day- all taken when we thought we were going to kick butt, hence the smiles.

Game boy Boz

Lucy Bug

Sooner Babies

Waiting to start

Brr! OU ND


Okay, let’s move on!

My extended weekend is already over.


I never used to hate Sunday nights, but over the last couple of months I have found myself dreading them and feeling sadness about the week ahead!

Unfortunately, I think that makes me among the norm.

Today has been good. We got home so late last night that we slept in, which means we will end up having to watch church online to stay up with our series.

Will has been sick this weekend, so I have been playing nurse in hopes to get him functional for tomorrow.

I love nurturing people, but sadly my interpretation of nurture and Will’s interpretation are a little different.

I want to make Will healthy smoothies with all sorts of antioxidants and feel good food.

Will wants comfort food.

I want to make him tea and honey,

Will wants diet coke.

I think you see the conflict here.

I already promised today would be a splurge meal for me, so I followed through on the cheese fries.

You know, because nothing nurses a husband back to health like seasoned fries smothered in cheese, bacon, jalepenos, and ranch dressing.


I made myself a cleaner, vegan option that I really enjoyed. I cut a sweet potato into chunks and baked for about an hour and then topped with scallions, salsa, and the Daiya cheese I brought Friday.

This was my first try of vegan shredded cheese, and I was really pleased with the taste and melt! It was a little pricey, but I’m glad to know I have an enjoyable option anytime I want to have cheese with my meal instead of just going without.


I ended up going to the gym this afternoon instead of this morning, which I generally don’t like to do.

I am best in the morning, free of competing demands and without much food in my stomach.

Today, however I ended up getting caught up in a few things around the house and did not go until well after lunch.

I ended up making my lunch for the week and doing a few loads of laundry (which I have yet to put away...). I also ironed my clothes for the week. I hate doing it on Sundays, but come Wednesday, when I want to sleep longer, I always thank myself.

Then I headed to the gym and worked my shoulders, which I love doing.

Shoulders are a great muscle group you can easily work at home, so I would be glad to share some ideas of things to do around the house.

After shoulder suicide, I walked on treadmill, incline between 11.0 and 13.0 for 30 minutes. I was pretty sweaty afterward!

Now I am home and avoiding laundry.


Tomorrow is Monday Goal Day! I hope you have surprised yourself.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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