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Summer Swap 07


My Summer Swap gift arrived and was definitely worth the wait.

Can I first just say that I love Mrs. M?!

Mrs. M was my partner. When I found this out I got a little stupid. You see, I have a major blog crush on Mrs. M. She probably thinks I blog stalk her. In fact, I heard a rumor that she woke in a cold sweat the other night dreaming I was chasing her down and trying to get her to sign Blogging for Dummies book.

Mrs. M, please don’t be scared- it’s just me, Brittny!

As you can imagine, I was beyond giddy (yes, giddy) when I found out the one, the only, Mrs. M herself was my partner. I was a little star struck.

Not only that- but the woman got me some wonderful and very thoughtful gifts! I felt major blogging summer swap love when I opened what I got. Here’s the loot:


Satchel of Goodies

Ultra Cute Flip Flops

Monogrammed Things

Magnetic Notepad

Easiest Dips & Desserts

Reading Material

Guys- the gift was so much fun to open! Mrs. M was so thoughtful and made me three monogrammed gifts! They’re all so cute. And the recipes!? They’re stuff even I can make. I’m so excited about them and am going to try a couple this weekend! She even gave me a super secret recipe she rarely shares! How sweet was that!? I know I’m going on and on, but I’m really excited about my gifts.

Thanks so much for the idea Mrs. M & Jenny. I had such a great time giving and getting my Summer Swap surprises.

TGIW! I’m off to enjoy the weekend!

PS- Mrs. M, I think you might have added fuel to the already blazing blog crush fire.




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