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Stupid Sooner Sanctions

Just a warning- most of you will care less about today’s post. I just need to vent.

I’m an irrational sports fan about to talk crazy- so just buckle down and beware.

What the NCAA did yesterday was both ridiculous and an outrage. I have to believe any person in America that is a real sports fan and has a true appreciation for collegiate sports, regardless of the team, would agree that the NCAA stepped over the line yesterday.

If you care, you can read the story here. The cliffs notes version is that all 2005 OU football season wins will be erased from the record books and all the teams that played OU will have a win credited to their record.

Okay, so I’m a little biased. I’m an OU sports fan. I have season tickets. My husband would give his first born to the person willing to give us OU-Texas tickets for the next 50 years… yeah- I’m biased.

I didn’t say this post was going to be fair, did I!?

The fact of the matter , biased or not, is that the NCAA made a bad call yesterday.

You can’t stop people that deliberately want to break the law, and these boys (Bomar and Quinn) were out to do just that. From a PR standpoint, the University of Oklahoma, President Boren, and Coach Stoops handled the whole matter with class. Upon first hearing about their player’s involvement with the car dealership, both were released from the team. Immediately. Stoops made it clear that he would not tolerate behavior of any kind on his team. Not only that, but they imposed their own sanctions. What more can you do!?

Rhett Bomar was our golden boy- our freaking star. I think the fact that Stoops immediately kicked him off the team sent a clear message that regardless of a player’s performance on the field, he won’t tolerate foul play off the field. He easily could have just suspended him for the season and had him come back. That’s probably what most would have done. Stoops made a statement, and I think that should have spoken volumes to the freaking NCAA.

Failure to monitor? NCAA that’s bull and you know it. In the words of President Boren, “any mistakes made by the athletic department compliance staff while monitoring would not have prevented the intentional wrongdoing by the student athletes and the employer involved.”

I think it’s a slap in the face to the rest of the 2005 great players that committed themselves to excellence and now have to have their entire season wiped off the record books. How can you punish these greats for their effort? Okay, fine- take away our scholarships, keep us on probation for another 238475.34 years- but don’t take away the wins.

And yes, the thought of Reggie Bush and USC has come to my mind. I simply want to puke all over myself when I consider this matter. Isn’t that a comparable situation? Reggie Bush freaking paid his guy off. I don’t know about you, but that seems like an admission of guilt to me. Why not take away their amazing season too?

Yeah, yeah- shut up. Like I said, I’m just firing off this post in anger. Don’t judge.

I just think it’s ridiculous to take away wins from an entire team due to the OU Athletic Office’s “failure to monitor.”

This isn’t the Switzer era when guys pranced around in fur coats and accepted God knows what from God knows who. This isn’t Miami. This is a disciplined group of men committed to winning in all areas of life. I think Coach Stoops made that clear with the measures he took to ensure no shame fell on the University of Oklahoma due to these two players’ lack of discretion. I think that shows character. Like I said earlier, I don’t think many other people would have done the same.

Yeah, yeah, some of you probably think I’m off the deep end and totally ridiculous. “It’s just a game.” Yeah, I know, but it’s simply the principle of the punishment. You wouldn’t put a whole family in jail because the son committed a crime, you know?

I just think the whole thing is so ridiculous, and as I said earlier- I think most true sports fans would have to agree. Even crazy Longhorn fans.

Okay, I’ve run my mouth enough today. Thankfully I feel a lot better! I guess I just needed to yell a little.

I’ll simply sum this post up with a picture of our beloved Brian Bosworth AKA “Boz.”


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