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Simply Delicious Summer Salad

Welcome to my lunch this week.

Simply perfect summer salad
I know.

We’ve seen a million “perfectly summer salads” bombarding our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest boards to the point where we may just scream if we see another vegetable picture.

But indulge me.

This is the easiest and simplest.


I won’t say fastest.

I wish it were, but anytime you’re chopping a million veggies, it takes a little time.

Nonetheless, it’s basic and fantastic. No frou-frou dressing, no cooking, no waiting.

Adapted from Savor author Shauna Niequist’s recipe

Toss a pint of sliced cherry tomatoes in a large bowl

Simply perfect summer salad

Add a yellow pepper,
Simply perfect summer salad

And an orange pepper,

Simply perfect summer salad

A green pepper,

Simply perfect summer salad

Heck, let’s add in a red pepper too. All the peppers!

Next, toss in three chopped cucumbers

Simply perfect summer salad

Then? The best part. Shave the corn off three corn cobs. Completely raw and fresh- no steaming or cooking! It is so delicious and fresh.

Simply perfect summer salad

Finally, add in a container of crumbled or chopped feta, salt, pepper, fresh basil, drizzle with two tablespoons each of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, toss and eat!

Simply perfect summer salad

I love summer.

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