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Saturday Fun Day Randomness

1. The Fleet.

Doesn’t it seem like just as you are close to getting to where you want to be, something comes up that sets you back?

We have a few financial goals set for the next 12 months that we have been working toward, one of which centers around the purchase of a new (or newer) car. As Will says, “We need to update our fleet.”


He’s funny.

But he’s right. So here’s a fun fact- the newest vehicle we own is a 2001.

Yes, it’s true.

Okay, I guess if you throw in the motorcycle that’s not true, but I don’t really count that.


But the nice thing is that God has really blessed us by holding our vehicles together.

Plus it’s nice that they are paid for. We are all about the Dave Ramsey plan, so we are working our way through those baby steps!

Anyway, on the way to the first OU game, when it was 100 degrees, Will’s AC unit went out. Oh the joys of owning an older vehicle. $1,200 setback for the B-Love family. Wee!!  So anyway, the fleet is aging fast and we need to carefully coast these next 12 months as we reach our goals and plan for the future.

I’m sure Will would totally be on board with me getting me a fully loaded Mercedes, right?

The Group

So I’ve mentioned over the course of the last couple weeks that Will and I have been looking to join a Life Group, and we finally decided on one last week which was pretty exciting!

We’ve been going there for a few weeks now, but we visited another too, and knew we couldn’t commit to both because of our schedules. I am so happy with the one we chose and am so blessed by these people.  Meeting with them is such a bright spot in my week.

If you don’t have a church home, seriously check out LifeChuch. They even have Life Groups that meet online, if you can believe it.

Thievery Corporation Pandora Station

Sometimes you just need something calm and relaxing.

For example, in the midst of a crazy work day.

You know, the ones where the program guy oversteps his bounds and asks you to go above and beyond your job duties all in the name of helping “the team,” or when your lovely customer has no clue what they’re doing and you’re standing by spending time and money trying to play mind reader?-

Sometimes, on days like that, you just need to chill the heck out.

For those days, I put on my headphones and tune into this station.

Or when you get home after said work day and are cooking dinner and unwinding , sometimes all you need is a glass of white wine and this station in the background. Very lounge-y.

The Fall Line-up

Is anyone excited about the Fall lineup coming back like I am?

I feel like Will and I watch too many shows these days, but when you take into account many of them sit on our DVR for ages, it makes me feel better (ie: Although we watch a lot of TV shows, we aren’t constantly sitting in front of the television comatose… usually).

There are a few shows that I’m kind of over watching, but since I’ve invested multiple seasons in them, I feel the need to see them through.

Don’t you hate that?

These include Bones, The Mentalist, and Once Upon a Time (how we happened upon this show I still have no idea).  Yeah, they’re fine… but I’m just done watching…

Only I’m not.

Because I’m emotionally involved now, even though I’m mostly uninvolved…

Please tell me you do this too?

Anyway- Fall Lineup. Excited. Mostly.

Yummy Treats

So, I made you guys a treat, and plan on sharing it soon.

When I first thought about making it, it totally grossed me out.

I want to put this in that!?!

Trust me, when you find out the mystery ingredient, you too will gag for a second.

But promise to hear me out.

Because I did a ton of research (ie: searching around some of my favorite cookbooks, blogs, and websites), and this mystery ingredient?

It’s a real thing.

And people, “normal” people, and even self-proclaimed “unhealthy people” use it.

So yeah… it’s legit.


Anyway, the idea freaked me out, but I wanted to give it a try.

So I did.

And I’m happy.

Because guess what?

The recipe was good!

So stay tuned in the next couple weeks for that fun surprise. smile

That’s it for now!

This week is an 11:00 kickoff, so much earlier than the last two weeks. The downer about those, though, is that your whole day is totally gone which means there’s a lot of laundry, dishes, and food prep in my future. Blah!

Let’s not worry about that today though, right? Boomer!

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