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Things I’m Loving Thursday: 10 April 2014

Boca Original Chick’n Patties

I know they’re full of sodium and GMOs, and I know they’re ridiculously over-processed.

However, this week I treated myself to a sandwich, with them as the main star.

Go ahead judge me.

This helpful reminder about muscle growth!


Mary Kay Timewise Luminous Wear Foundation


I have used their mineral powder for so long, that I forgot how much I love their liquid foundation. It creates a nice, light, glow. Very pretty, and hydrating.

Long Weekends!
This is my short week, and my birthday weekend!

Not only that, but we get Good Friday off next weekend too, so I’m doubly lucky.

Actually, the following Friday is my usual short week so I’m triply lucky?

Is this real life!? smile

While we’re at it, birthday weekends!
I have a few thoughts I hope to share next week, but let’s go ahead and toss the whole “birthday” category into things I’m loving today.

My birthday weekend always falls during the OU red and white game, so it’s sort of a tradition we incorporate. I used to despite the fact that every Saturday of my birthday weekend was devoted to a trip to Norman for the spring game, but now I kind of like it.

Herb gardens!


Um, sort of. smile

Did you know if you take fresh herbs and place them in water they will grow roots?

Fancy schmancy, huh?

I had some extra parsley this week and hope it takes root and I can plant soon. Fingers crossed.

That’s all today.

Anything you’re loving this week?

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