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Starting Your Day Right.

Hi all!

I’m coming off of OU-Texas weekend and behind on getting posts ready for the week thought it would be fun to take a little walk down memory lane today to highlight some random (but entertaining!) posts over the eight year life of this blog (!!!).

So even though this isn’t a “real” post, it sort of is, because chances are you haven’t read these.

So really, you’re getting like 10 posts for the price of one.

What a steal!

So even though it’s Monday, and your boss is probably forwarding you heaps more work on your already full plate, take a step back and realize- “Hey, I’m busy, but I’m no Jack Bauer.”

You’ve got this.

Or thank your lucky stars you don’t work with The Great and Powerful Oz

(or do you??).

Or perhaps you indulged over the weekend?

Don’t feel bad, we all do.

In fact- here’s a hilarious story about Will and I actually getting into a fight over cheese sticks.

Yes, it’s true.

Or maybe you’re really bored at work and aren’t sure what to do?

You’re in luck!

There was a brief period of my early working life when I too had to hold my eyelids open so as not to fall asleep.

On those days?

I did this.

How about why, to this very day, I am tempted to throw away food in the work fridge that’s been there for ages.

Travelling for work soon?

Don’t be a flake, prepare for the worst!

Let’s move away from work for a bit.

Let’s talk football in honor of tonight’s game.

Remember when I almost swallowed a fly in front of Drew Brees?


Ooh! Or let’s talk about how much out of this world fun The Dollar Tree is!!


Or we could discuss how I let curtains sit at the dry cleaners for a year and had to sneak them into our house so Will (who swore up and down we didn’t have them- despite my arguing) wouldn’t find out.

Let’s not forget my obsessive compulsive tendencies ,

Or how, at 29, I flooded my dishwasher with bubbles

Yeah, good times. Lots of quality posts here. smile

Let’s take a look at what we will be talking about this week:

-My OU-Texas weekend recap
-Core work
-How to make your eyes pop in an easy step
-and more!

Check in this week for fun, and have a great day!

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