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Labor Day Weekend Recap & Look Ahead

Hello there sweets!

Can we please take a minute to express our excitement for a long holiday weekend!?


So, so nice.

And needed!

I sure hope you guys are having a great one. What are you doing?

Ours has been nice!

Friday night we went to a BBQ, which was enjoyable and thankfully in the shade. I’m pretty sure I would have sweat to death if not!

I brought a fruit salad, which we all enjoyed very much. We had a good time and good fellowship with others.


I’m pretty sure you guys have a good idea what occupied my Saturday. smile


Ah, seriously, friends- Best.time.of.the.year.ever.

Before the day got started, though, I hit the gym for a ridiculously early (4:15!) workout.

Apparently my body thought it was a week day.

I got a good workout in and started my day off right.

Afterward, I spent most of Saturday morning with my sister and Layla prepping for this week’s video fun! I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

Here’s a sneak peek:


After that, Will and I headed out for our game day fun!

We started off the first game of the season with a late lunch at Ted’s, a game day tradition.

I got the guacamole salad and ended up splurging on one tortilla.

This was the first year in a couple years that we decided to sell our Sooner Tailgate passes. I was so thankful for it!

The Sooner Tailgate is a pregame event where some season ticket owners have access to about 30 restaurant vendors.

You go and basically get all you want a couple hours before the game. It ends up being an all day thing by the time you get there, eat, and wait around for the game to start. Plus we never eat all that much, so we figured we might as well sell them.

Plus it is always SO FREAKING HOT for the first few games.

And I rain from my head.

I’m pretty sure people think I’m going to pass out at any moment.

Yeah, not fun.

I’m sweaty, and grumpy, and it’s just not fun for either of us.

For the sake of my sweatiness (and sanity), we opted out of the tailgate.

It was so nice getting to the game only an hour before kickoff- compared to 3 hours like we had to with the tailgate.

It was a nice, cool 103 when we got there.



The game was lots of fun, and it was nice getting to see Trevor Knight’s debut.


Since it was a night game, we got home way late!

I told Will I was not going to set an alarm for the morning, which is uncommon for me.

Get this- we slept until 10:00!! I never ever sleep that late.

I hated missing out on the morning to get things done, but I was not going to dwell on it, especially since I had Monday to get things done too.

We ended up watching church online because of the late morning. The rest of the day was extremely lazy.

I did laundry, prepped meals, and worked out. I always hate going to the gym late on the weekends- it is so busy!

I’m terrible at sharing equipment.

The inner three year old comes out in me.

I was low on protein, and we were out of vitamins, so Will made a quick trip to Sam’s for me which was nice too!

Only… he game home with unapproved items.

Will hates me

That boy… what am I going to do with him!? I can’t send him anywhere. smile

They are for his lunches, and I am shockingly good at staying out of them, but still- really!? Did we really need the 30 pack of candy bars AND skittles!?


Sunday night was pretty low key, fitting for such a quiet day.

Today has been nice!

I usually take a rest day on Mondays, but since we were off, and I slept a little more than normal, I did the 500 workout I shared last week.

Today we are cooking out at my parent’s house and just having a relaxing day.

Nothing too exciting, but just nice to be off and hanging with my favorites.

Here’s a look at what is ahead this week!

-Whey Cool: An introduction into protein powder, and why you should be taking it

-A football inspired workout

-Thursday Night Football: B&P kick off the season with a treat!

-Plus more!

Check in this week! I look forward to our chats!

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