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Weekend Wrap-up & Look Ahead

Hello friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

This weekend is the very last before the madness of football season commences. Not only is Will totally enthralled with his NFL fantasy football drafts right now, but also gearing up for a whole new look to the OU football team with Trevor Knight at the helm.

I wish I could have said this weekend was really low key and boring, and I didn’t do anything.

Except that was not the case!

Friday P & I met at the park again for lunch, only it was way too hot so we ended up sitting in my car:

Friday lunch date

Not ideal. Not sure if we will meet up again for awhile. At least until it gets cooler.

Friday night Will and I we went to a cookout with one of the Life Groups we visited a couple weeks ago. We had a nice time, and it was nice to see everyone in that sort of setting so we could get to know them a little better.

It was a potluck so, as a vegan, I never know just how much I should eat before I go. Chances are there were going to be few options for me, so I planned ahead and had a snack. I also brought a fruit salad so I knew I would have at least one option! Turns out, I had a few options so that was a nice treat.

We talked, ate, and talked some more.

We called it a night early because Will had to work Saturday morning. This was one of the last Saturdays he will be able to work with football coming up, so we decided to take advantage of it.

Saturday came very early. I saw Will off and headed to the gym to work legs.

Truth be told, I had a lousy workout.

I hate lousy workouts.

But sometimes? They happen.

My left hamstring has been tight lately, even with stretching and rolling, so I decided to take it easy to be safe. That meant light and slow.


Halfway through I could feel the entire workout was a total bust, so I ended up going into a separate empty room in the back and doing the following workout- which I recommend:

500 jumping jacks
400 crunches (I did various different kinds- stability ball crunches, in and outs, bicycles, oblique crunches…)
300 hit the floors (it’s from Insanity, I will try to find a link if you’re interested)
200 pushups (Again, different kinds- regular, tricep dips, and V-pushups)
100 burpees (Because apparently I felt REALLY bad about the leg workout earlier and wanted to punish myself)

It took me longer than usual when I’ve done this workout, but I left feeling better about my time spent at the gym.

Afterward I did a thorough house cleaning, considering this was my “last chance” cleaning before football started and I started slacking.

And then Will came home and the table we ordered got delivered!

Seven weeks early!

We expected it in October.

See this table?
The old table!

Sorry for the weird shot, we had to move it in a spare bedroom to make room for the new set. We are passing it along to P when she gets her own place! It makes me happy it will get a new life.

So yeah- that’s been the “dining room” table sitting in our breakfast nook .

Will’s aunt and uncle graciously gave it to us, and we were very thankful.

I always knew we wouldn’t have it long.

Fast forward ten years, and we still did.


We don’t have a formal dining room in our house, so it was a good fit for the space, but let’s be real- this is more something that should be in a bachelor pad or first house. It’s pretty plain Jane.

We’re believers in saving for something nice so hopefully you only have to buy it once, and since I have ridiculously traditional tastes, that rule works well for me since whatever I get is not all that faddish. 

We had a dining room table on our “priority list” (our list of major purchases we want to make in the coming years) for quite some time, and although our tiny set served its purpose, we finally decided to cross something off the priority list.

And that meant getting a table and chair set!

We bought, what I believe, is one of the most beautiful and intricate tables that will fit our breakfast nook. It is stunning, and I can’t help but stare at it each time I pass by.

Here’s one of the chairs:

New chairs!

Here’s the intricate Moroccan inspired tabletop:
Intricate Moroccan inspired top

And here it is all together!
My new dining set

I am extremely pleased.

Saturday night I a massive cheat meal: pizza.

When I say massive, it was massive. Albeit mostly vegan (I’m pretty sure the crust had butter on it?) the crust was like eating a freaking loaf of bread, so um yeah, definitely a cheat meal.

Delicious and simulatneously terrible. smile

Sunday has been church (seriously check out the Elisha series. So inspiring! I linked you to week three, but you can also click on the first two weeks.) and my usual “stuff.”

I just made Will a huge dish of homemade macaroni and cheese for some of his lunches this week, and am about to prep my own meals for the week!

For lunch this week, Will is having my homemade mac and cheese, and a smaller batch of these cheesesteak sandwiches.

He’s been eating extremely light at night (just veggies or salad), so I have sort of modified my own eating to match his. The nice this is that I don’t have to prep dinner most nights!

I am having stirfry all week, complete with marinated tofu on 3 days and my favorite Gardein beefless tips the other 2.

So that’s about it! I am just looking forward to having today off- and the three day weekend ahead!

Here’s a look at this week’s posts:

-The last Mary Kay Monday
-A delicious breakfast treat
-An at home workout
-Revealing P’s real name (Ah! I know!)
-B&P Q&A

So check in this week! Happy Sunday!

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