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ready for clean brows and a clean start

I never thought these words would come out of my mouth, but the highlight of my day will be getting my stray eyebrows ripped out… Ahh the excitements of being a unwilling stay at home wife. smile

It is funny to think about the things I look forward to now that I am locked in the apartment all day. Things I used to hate I embrace at the drop of a hat. Bring on the threads(that is their way of waxing)! I’m ready for clean brows. Grocery shopping on pay day during the busiest hour? Count me in! Sitting in 3 hours of traffic- where can I sign up?

Will and I bought the movie Duplex the other day- it is hilarious. I have seen it a few times before yet I still manage to laugh so hard I cry. I think it totally bombed at the box office, and everyone I know thats seen it besides me and Will think its dumb- but seriously, it’s great.  I think it is even funnier now that Will and I are living with my parents. Our current situtaion made me laugh even harder this time around. I can totally relate to the character’s need for alone time without their neighbor being there. C’est la vie… at least for the moment anyway.


Well I did get some pretty discouraging news about my job situation a little bit ago. I guess the HR lady found out about the whole law thing and wrote my dad a letter basically saying she wouldn’t hire me because it’s “hard enough trying to get women under 26 hired, let alone someone thats 22.“ I guess her letter was a little tacky, but whats done is done and I don’t want to see it. So that was a pretty big blow to me. She and my dad have had some issues over the past year (which didn’t help me out), so I was disappointed to find out about this email. I know I can’t take what she said personal but it is hard not to. Its REALLY hard not to.

How frustrating. I feel like I’m back to square one. My dad emailed me about another place to apply thats pretty good opportunity too and even pays most of their employees better than where Will works. I just don’t know though. I know Will would probably want me to apply just because that is our goal- to pay things off and save money- but I don’t know what to do.

I am too sensitive about this whole thing I guess. People go through this every day. I guess since its my first time to be in the “real world,“ I’m getting first hand experience about the things I’ve heard about but never felt or dealt with.

So that threw a curve ball in my day and bummed me out. I wish I could do what Will tells me and “be a duck.“ Just let it all roll off my back, but that is just not in my personality. I feel upset because I know I would do a great job there and I feel like I’m being rejected. I guess I am, but so have many other young pups just like me who entered the work force with bright eyes just knowing everything would go their way only to be shot down a time or two.

I just have to give everything over to God right now- not having our own place, not having a job… just everything and trust that His plan is so much better than Brittny’s

So, not that I’ve vented I feel a little better and am just goingto have to remind myself constantly to take one day at a time… bring on the eyebrow lady.


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